Annastasia “Annie” Hester Murder: Where is Ann and Matthew Hester’s Daughter Now?

How Did Annastasia “Annie” Hester Die
Annastasia “Annie” Hester with her 4-year-old daughter

Where is Ann and Matthew Hester’s Daughter Now? – On July 10, 2016, at about 3 a.m., Annastasia “Annie” Hester dialled 911 in a panic. She had been assaulted in her Gresham, Oregon apartment. Annie died of her injuries while being transported to a local hospital. The 36-year-old was a single mother caring for her 4-year-old daughter, Alice, at the time.

The documentary ‘Dateline: The Undoing‘ from NBC News sheds light on the people responsible for Annie’s death. Angela Hester, Annie’s ex-husband Matthew’s wife, was eventually apprehended by the authorities. So, if you’re curious about what happened to Alice after her mother’s death, here’s what we know.

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Who is Ann and Matthew Hester’s Daughter
Source: NBC Dateline

Ann and Matthew Hester Daughter: Where Is She Now?

Annie and Matthew met in a Gresham gaming shop and began dating shortly after. Alice was born in November 2011 after the couple married in July 2008. The marriage, however, soon fell apart after Matthew had an affair just weeks after Alice was born.

According to reports, the couple tried an open marriage, but “Ann found out that Matt had cheated on her at least once, going outside those restrictions that they had set up, and at that point, she started talking about filing for divorce,” according to a friend.

Annie slept in the living room while Alice slept in the bedroom at a single bedroom apartment in Gresham. Matthew married Angela in 2014, sparking a bitter custody fight between Alice’s parents. Things changed when Angela arrived, according to a court-appointed counsellor.

“(Angela) is persuaded that Matt cannot defend himself against his ‘abusive’ ex-wife,” the counsellor continued. The parents appeared to get along swimmingly until the father began dating Angela.”

Angela and Matthew thought Alice had a bipolar illness at the time, but even experts maintain that there are no clear diagnosis criteria for children under the age of six. Angela stormed into Annie’s home in June 2016 and stabbed her over 60 times before fleeing the scene. Alice was arrested after more than a year, and she was living in Pocatello, Idaho, with Matthew, Angela, and her children at the time.

where is alice hester now
Source: NBC Dateline

What Happened to Ann and Matthew Hester’s daughter?

Alice, who was only about 4-years-old at the time of Annie’s murder and Matthew’s involvement in the case, was left without her parents. Annie’s brother, Nathaniel Holmes, gave a victim impact statement. He expressed regret that Annie would not be able to see Alice grow up, marry, and have children.

Alice has been cared for by Annie’s mother, Elizabeth Holmes, since Matthew’s incarceration. She’d be almost ten years old now, and her maternal side of the family has wisely kept her out of the spotlight. Pocatello, Idaho, is where Alice was last seen.

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