Mind Over Murder: Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Thomas Winslow Now?

Where is Beatrice Six’s Thomas Winslow today

Where is Beatrice Six Suspect Thomas Winslow Today? – “Mind Over Murder” is a six-part true-crime documentary series on HBO. Helen Wilson, a loving 68-year-old grandmother, was raped and murdered in Beatrice, Nebraska. Each episode takes a bizarre turn, but it’s all based on true events. Or, to put it another way, it’s primarily about how the crime was solved and who was sentenced to prison. From the start, I was interested, but by episode three, I was confident it couldn’t get any wilder.

Helen Wilson, a 68-year-old woman from Beatrice, Nebraska, was viciously raped and murdered. Depending on whom you ask, people usually have a fairly obvious answer. During the investigation, numerous errors were committed. Maybe not all of them were done on purpose (maybe! ), but they all had disastrous results. So, if you’re curious about Thomas’s origins and what has happened to him since then, here’s what we know.

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Who is Thomas Winslow

Who is Thomas Winslow, and What is His Story?

Thomas Winslow was 23 years old when he was apprehended by the authorities in 1989, and he had previously been diagnosed with depression. The same doctor who treated Ada JoAnn Taylor, one of the first people detained, had made the diagnosis. During Ada’s interviews, she mentioned that Helen’s murder was committed by “another boy.” Her account of this person, however, differed. Thomas was Ada’s high school classmate, and she eventually chose his headshot from a lineup.

Ada’s confession had been revealed to Lisa Podendorf, who had informed deputy sheriff Burdette Searcey, clearing the path for Ada’s arrest. She also claimed to see Thomas in a car near Helen’s apartment with Ada, Joseph White, and another individual on that fateful morning. When questioned in 1985, Thomas claimed that he was at work at the time of the incident. Burdette afterwards discovered that this was not the case.

While in jail for an unrelated assault accusation in February 1989, Thomas was questioned again. During this period, he admitted to lying about his whereabouts and claimed to have lent his automobile to Ada, Joseph, and Cliff Shelden. Burdette then told Thomas that he would talk to the judge about releasing him on a non-cash bond for the assault the following month. Thomas first recounted driving about with Ada and Joseph on February 5, 1985, when he overheard them discussing robbing an elderly woman, according to his statement. He then stated that they had dropped him off and that the automobile was returned the next morning.

Burdette later modified his story after learning that a witness saw Thomas near the crime scene with the others. Thomas claimed he lied to avoid being implicated in the murder. After a 44-minute pause in the interview, Thomas stated he went to Helen’s apartment with the others and departed when Ada and Joseph attacked her. He subsequently recounted Burdette’s behavior: “When he disagreed, he would shift his papers and slap them down on the table.” He would then move them closer to him once he had given his OK. And he’d smile and make gestures. ”

Where is Thomas Winslow Today

What Happened to Thomas Winslow and Where Is He Now?

Thomas also stated that he felt compelled to travel to that apartment, which he claimed was a pattern in his life. “I have to make friends, or I’ll become insecure,” he added. I’ll be terrified since I don’t think I’ll be able to make friends, so I’ll do anything.” In addition, Thomas’ blood type did not match the evidence discovered at the crime scene. Despite making contradictory allegations and later claiming he wasn’t involved in the murder, he pled no contest to second-degree murder aiding and abetting.

As a result, Thomas was sentenced to 50 years in prison; he agreed to the plea deal because he was afraid of facing the death penalty if found guilty. Thomas was sexually abused multiple times while in prison and was afraid to have DNA testing done a few years later. “He had kind of accepted his fate,” his lawyer said. He believed that the government was correct and that he had committed a heinous crime.”

In 2008, DNA testing revealed that Thomas and the others were not guilty of the murder. As a result, Thomas was resentenced to time served in October of that year and released from jail after more than 18 years in prison; his conviction was vacated.

Thomas was granted $180,000 in a wrongful conviction settlement in 2011 and $7.3 million in a civil suit a few years later. “Part of the reason we pushed through the emotions was because of Joe White,” he added of the case. He provides us with more strength. He was superior to us on every level.” Thomas has remained out of the public eye since then, and was last reported to be living in Oklahoma. He had previously worked in Omaha, Nebraska.

On June 20, 2022, HBO and HBO Max will release the first episode of Mind Over Murder. The following five episodes will be distributed on a weekly basis.