Bill Stout Murder: Where is His Killer Wife Anne Stout Now?

Anne Marie Stout
Anne Marie Stout was found guilty after murdering her husband.

Anne Stout Now: Where is Bill Stout’s Wife Today? – A Montana man was murdered by his wife, who looked up how to get away with it—but she was caught because of a vital piece of evidence. During a three-week trial on the horrific crime of passion, authorities discovered a rubber glove with her DNA and gunshot residue on Bill Stout’s wife, Anne Marie.

NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Box‘ digs into the tragic murder of Bill Stout and how the authorities tracked down the evidence that led to Anne. So, if you’re interested in learning more about what happened and where Anne is now, we’ve got you covered.

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Anne Marie Stout with her husband Bill Stout
Anne Marie Stout with her husband Bill Stout

Who is Anne Stout and How did She Kill Bill Stout?

Anne Stout was born in California and raised in a family of seven children. Her father left her alone when she was only four years old. Anne married Bill Stout in the 1980s, and she already had a son from a prior relationship, Ben, at the time. Anne and Bill went on to have two kids of their own, one of whom was living with them at the time of the incident in Montana.

Ben tragically committed suicide when he was 19 in 2000, causing a major split in the couple’s relationship. Bill blamed Anne for it, and the two had a lot of arguments and fights after that. Bill went to Arkansas for a wedding in 2005, when he had an affair with Barbara Miller, a former lover. When Anne learned of it, she confronted him later, and he agreed to discontinue their relationship with Barbara.

Anne arrived home from a shopping trip with her younger son on June 10, 2007, and she found Bill dead from a gunshot wound. She said to authorities that she had left him asleep in their bed at about 8 a.m. and went out with her son. Anne returned that day, and her son backed up her claims. However, an autopsy revealed that Bill had died the night before, casting doubt on Anne’s story.

Anne claimed that on June 9, she was alone with Bill and had prepared dinner for him. Before heading to bed, the couple had sex. However, the investigators suspected Anne of murdering him after that. This was due to the fact that the murder weapon was a “gun” that Bill had reported stolen just a few days before.

The holster, as well as a latex glove containing gunshot residue on the outside and Anne’s DNA on the inside, were discovered in a laundry basket. The gun was in the garage, and it had no fingerprints on it.

The investigators discovered gun-firing instructions on Anne’s nightstand, but she claimed they were only instructions to help her son with washing clothes. Poisoning people, killing people, and putting people to sleep were all searches in Anne’s computer history. Anne claimed that Bill was the one who had searched for all these things on the internet. The investigators also established that Bill’s family and friends had received multiple abusive emails and letters from Barbara in 2005 and 2006.

The investigation, however, found that they were all sent by Anne. Inside Anne Marie’s bedside table, investigators discovered a suspicious note written in her handwriting. Only Anne’s DNA, fingerprints, and palm prints were found. When a handwriting expert compared the writing on one of these letters to Anne’s, he concluded that the letter had been written by her.

Furthermore, the harassing email accounts were traced back to Anne’s work computer, with some messages being received from her personal computer as well. The memo continued to increase officials’ suspicions by describing how to use a pistol.

Where is Anne Stout
Anne, then 43, was sentenced to life in jail by a judge in September 2008

What Happpened to Anne Stout and Where Is She Now?

In June 2008, Anne testified in her own defence, claiming she had nothing to do with the murder. “With Bill, my life was quite pleasant,” she remarked. We had a fantastic time together. We were discussing moving up to Bigfork (Montana), vacation arrangements, and the possibility of building a new home.” Despite this, the jury convicted her guilty of murder due to the overwhelming evidence.

Anne, then 43, was sentenced to life in jail by a judge in September 2008. She is still detained at the Montana Women’s Prison in Billings, Yellowstone County, according to records. Anne will be available for release in 2038, according to the show.

Anne Marie requested one last visit with her children after being sentenced to life in prison, but the judge refused to consider her request.

Langton stated, “Your children will be robbed of your presence.” “It isn’t because you were found guilty of the crime. It’s because you’re the one who did it.”