Where is BriaAndChrissy Vlogger ‘Chrissy Chambers’ Now?

Where is Vlogger Chrissy Chambers Now

Where is BriaAndChrissy Vlogger ‘Chrissy Chambers’ Now – Chrissy Chambers, one half of the BriaAndChrissy YouTube channel, is a prominent vlogger and vocalist who has spoken out against revenge porn. Chrissy faced a slew of unintended repercussions in 2013 after videos of her were posted online without her permission.

The years that followed saw an arduous legal battle, culminating in a historic victory that brought much-needed attention to how laws should protect those who are harmed. Chrissy’s story is explored in Investigation Discovery’sDevil in the Web: Revenge Porn.’ If you’re interested in learning more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Chrissy Chambers: What Happened to Her?

Chrissy Emily Chambers was born and raised in Mississippi. He had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to seek a career in acting just days after becoming 18 years old. She met a British man there online, and they began dating; it was her first romance. Chrissy, on the other hand, quickly understood that her partner was possessive and jealous.

He questioned her about some work communications from male coworkers after he hacked into her email inbox at one point. Chrissy stated that he would not allow her to audition for positions in which she would be dating someone else.

The boyfriend moved in after about eight months of dating. But, after a month, Chrissy had had enough of his antics and had discussed ending the relationship. While the boyfriend was not pleased, he offered that they spend one last night together before returning to the UK.

They drank a lot that night in September 2009, and Chrissy admitted to being severely intoxicated. “I’d never been drunk before – I’d never even drunk alcohol – and the drink he’d given me made me blackout intoxicated,” she explained. Soon later, the man left, and the relationship came to an end.

When Chrissy was 20 years old, she recognised she was attracted to women and met Bria Kam, then 26 years old, in a gay bar in Atlanta. Their romance blossomed, and in 2012, they launched a YouTube channel together, with the first video being posted in 2012. However, in June 2013, Chrissy’s last night with her ex-boyfriend came back to haunt her. She discovered that her pornographic videos were being circulated online and went to Google to examine them for herself.

Chrissy was seen passed out on a bed, naked, with a man (whose face was obscured by the camera) having sex with her. She had no recollection of it, but she knew it was her at her Atlanta apartment. The recordings had already been uploaded to multiple pornographic websites and had been viewed numerous times by that time.

Beginning in December 2011, Chrissy’s British ex-boyfriend secretly taped films after a night of drinking and released them to the internet. Chrissy has no recollection of having sex with him that night.

Chrissy’s livelihood was harmed as a result of these videos, as she began to lose subscribers. “We had these 14-year-old girls that we’ve been trying to encourage writing [to] us and saying: ‘I had so much respect for you, and now you’re a porn star,” she continued. You’re such a knucklehead. ‘How could I possibly respect you?‘ Chrissy’s legal options were limited, with Atlanta cops claiming they couldn’t do anything because the tapes were uploaded in the United Kingdom.

It would be impossible to file criminal charges against her ex-boyfriend, according to UK officials. While it was already unlawful in England to post private sexual content online without an agreement, the rule only took effect in April 2015. The law could not be applied because the videos were uploaded so long ago.

Chrissy experienced even more internet backlash once she made her story public on her YouTube channel in June 2015. She eventually prevailed when her ex-boyfriend agreed to a settlement in which she received damages and the rights to the tapes, as well as an apology. In exchange, he was not allowed to be identified publicly.

Where is Chrissy Chambers Now?

The ex-boyfriend agreed to pay the legal bills as well as an undisclosed but significant sum in damages as part of the agreement. He also decided to take responsibility for the videos that were recorded and uploaded. Chrissy suffered from night terrors and anxiety after learning about the recordings, and she was diagnosed with PTSD.

She has been in counselling ever since. Furthermore, Chrissy proposed to Bria outside the courthouse shortly after the legal case was determined in January 2018. Since then, the pair has continued to create videos and upload them to their YouTube channel, with about a million subscribers.

They are regarded as one of the most well-known lesbian content makers. The videos by Chrissy and Bria include songs, vlogs, and sketches that raise awareness about LGBTQ problems. They’ve been together for almost a decade and married in April 2018, only a few months after celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. ‘Face Your Fears,’ their debut album, was released in 2013.

Therapy helped me get my life back, and I was able to start living again,” Chrissy told Daily Campus of things returning to normal. I knew I had to fight back, and I’m so pleased I did because it’s given me a new sense of purpose in trying to make a difference.”

Chrissy recently learned to ski, and the couple currently resides in Portland, Oregon. She’s been clean for almost six months and enjoys spending time with her horses and cat. Chrissy mentioned that spending more time outside will help her maintain her sobriety.