What Happened to Detective Brian Boyce? Where is He Now?

Where is Detective Brian Boyce Now

Where is Detective Brian Boyce Now? – Are you drawn to crime dramas where mysteries unfold, and justice prevails? If that describes you, Paramount+’s exciting crime series ‘The Gold‘ should pique your interest. This riveting show explores the aftermath of the 1983 Brink’s-Mat Robbery, which became one of Britain’s largest-ever robberies; viewers will travel on an incredible journey as Detective Chief Inspector Brian Boyce works to bring those responsible (and their associates) to justice.

BBC Network’s six-part series The Gold skillfully blends fact with fiction to tell the tale of this daring robbery. At its center is DCI Brian Boyce, portrayed by Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abbey fame. As you watch, you might wonder about who inspired DCI Boyce, what happened to him after leaving Downton Abbey, where he is now, and what has become of him. Here, we explore Detective Brian Boyce’s remarkable life and career after playing an instrumental role in investigating Brink’s-Mat and beyond!

Who is Detective Brian Boyce

Who is Detective Brian Boyce?

Brian Boyce will always remain one of the iconic names in British law enforcement history. He rose to prominence as the lead detective on the Brink’s-Mat robbery case. This audacious theft sent shockwaves through the nation, involving six thieves making off with PS26 Million worth of gold bullion, diamonds, and cash from near Heathrow Airport depot. Criminologists often refer to it as the crime of the century.”

An unparalleled dedication and unyielding commitment to justice marked Brian Boyce’s journey into law enforcement. A native of London, he quickly earned a stellar reputation within the Metropolitan Police for his discipline and strong work ethic – long before his involvement in the Brink’s-Mat case, he made an impression as one of Reggie Kray’s arresting officers!

Brian Boyce came into prominence with the Brink’s-Mat case. Taking charge when none of the stolen gold had been recovered, Boyce soon after joined London’s Metropolitan Police Service as Detective Chief Superintendent with one mission in mind – unraveling this audacious robbery’s mystery while holding its perpetrators to account.

Boyce made headlines for arresting Kenneth “Kenny” Noye, a key figure in laundering stolen gold. Noye tried to bribe Boyce, but the detective stood firm against any attempts at corruption; Noye even offered him a Masonic handshake, hoping he could buy his freedom through it; yet Boyce refused it, instead reporting what they discussed, firmly standing his ground as an upholder of integrity and justice – an act which cementing Boyce as a man of principle.

As Boyce conducted his Brink’s-Mat investigation, he set up surveillance on Noye, leading to tragic results: Noye fatally stabbed one of Boyce’s officers – John Fordham – during the surveillance operation and ordered her arrest, even though the court eventually cleared Noye of killing Fordham; this episode serves as a testament to Boyce’s commitment to seeing justice done regardless of obstacles that arose in this investigation.

Noye was cleared of killing Fordham but found guilty of conspiring to handle stolen Brink’s-Mat gold. As a result, he received a 14-year sentence – serving eight of it before returning to custody. Brian Boyce was present in court to see the result of his tireless investigative work.

Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce Leaving Kennington Road Police Station With John Palmer Who Is Wanted In Connection With The Brink's Mat Gold Bullion Robbery
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Danny Elwes/ANL/Shutterstock (1507692a)
Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce Leaving Kennington Road Police Station With John Palmer Who Is Wanted In Connection With The Brink’s Mat Gold Bullion Robbery
Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce Leaving Kennington Road Police Station With John Palmer Who Is Wanted In Connection With The Brink’s Mat Gold Bullion Robbery

What Happened to Brian Boyce, Detective?

Brian Boyce’s journey was far from over following the Brink’s-Mat case. Following three decades of dedicated service to law enforcement, Boyce retired in 2013 – but this didn’t translate to a quiet retirement life for this moral detective.

Boyce later transitioned from law enforcement into corporate life by joining a merchant bank. Still, his commitment to justice remained undiminished, finding a new purpose in helping lead the Macpherson inquiry, which investigated Stephen Lawrence’s murder case in 1993 – widely seen as being motivated by racism.

Brian Boyce made headlines for publicly criticizing the initial investigation of Lawrence’s murder, alleging racial prejudice was at play in its initial stages. This outspokenness caught the attention of the Lawrence family’s legal team, prompting Boyce to volunteer his services free of charge to help collect crucial evidence for them – and uphold traditional British justice standards at every turn.

Boyce reiterated the significance of holding everyone accountable for Stephen Lawrence’s death in 2012. His unwavering commitment to justice during his retirement years demonstrated his steadfast support of his Lawrence family members and their fight for redress.

The 1999 Macpherson report, which examined how the Metropolitan Police dealt with the Lawrence case, determined it was institutionally racist. The Lawrence family once again asked Brian Boyce to review and assess their initial investigation carefully; his critique highlighted a lack of investigative rigor at all inquiry levels, illuminating its failings and deficiencies.

Justice was eventually served, although years after initially seeking it out. Gary Dobson and David Norris, two of Stephen Lawrence’s killers, were both charged with his death in 2012. These individuals received sentences of 15 years and two months each as they received sentences under British justice principles for murdering Stephen Lawrence. Brian Boyce declared his dedication to upholding British justice principles when saying that all responsible must face the consequences.

Is Boyce in The Gold based on a Real Person
The Gold,19-02-2023,2,BRIAN BOYCE (HUGH BONNEVILLE),Tannadice Pictures,

Is Boyce in The Gold based on a Real Person?

As you watch ‘The Gold,’ you may be curious whether a real person inspired DCI Brian Boyce (Hugh Bonneville). Yes! Brian Boyce played an essential part in investigating Brink’s-Mat; Hugh Bonneville has drawn his character’s inspiration from this remarkable detective’s life and career.

Hugh Bonneville had the pleasure of meeting Brian Boyce himself – then in his eighties at that time – as part of his preparations for his role. Their encounter was both enjoyable and instructive: Boyce shared fascinating tales from his career that gave Hugh insights into who the real Brian was behind all this investigation work and the difficulties he was up against.

Bonneville found Boyce’s calm and reflective demeanor particularly memorable, noting his ability to delegate effectively while always remaining trustworthy with his team despite times when trust was difficult. In an era marked by widespread police corruption in the ’60s-’80s, one thing that stood out was Boyce’s unwavering commitment to integrity that distinguished him as a leader.

Brian Boyce’s character in ‘The Gold’ portrays someone willing to put himself at the forefront of an investigation rather than remaining safe behind a desk. Bonneville met Boyce personally before portraying him to capture this committed detective’s essence fully.

Friends and family of Brian Boyce attest to his undying commitment to justice, especially during his formative years growing up in North London during a time of bombings. These experiences gave him a strong moral compass, guiding his career when investigating colleagues he knew well.

Where Is Brian Boyce Now

Where Is Brian Boyce Now?

Brian Boyce has settled into a quieter phase of life since retiring from law enforcement and entering corporate America after years of service in law enforcement and serving in one of England’s most notable robbery cases. Although still alive and living in his homeland of England, Boyce remains out of sight as most have taken note of him only in passing.

Brian Boyce’s experiences investigating the Brink’s-Mat robbery have mostly been limited to official reports and investigations, with little public discourse surrounding his findings. Yet his commitment to justice remained strong even after retiring.

In his own words, Boyce emphasized the significance of bringing all those responsible for Stephen Lawrence’s death to trial, reinforcing the idea that justice should be blind to race or background. He stated, “I think it’s extremely important that all of those who killed Stephen Lawrence should be put before a jury in order that they can come to their conclusions. It’s extremely important for us as a nation, which is now very much a mixed-race nation, that we take on the best traditions of British justice.”

Boyce’s involvement in the Macpherson Inquiry of Stephen Lawrence case demonstrated his dedication to combatting racial prejudice and upholding justice regardless of circumstances. Boyce collaborated closely with the Lawrence family’s legal team, underscoring his belief in upholding British justice as best practice.

In 2012, Boyce emphasized prosecuting all those responsible for Stephen Lawrence’s death to court, emphasizing how justice must be blind to race or background. His commitment to truth and fairness made an indelible mark upon his legacy, reminding us to follow its path regardless of career goals.

Hugh Bonneville, the actor who portrayed Brian Boyce in ‘The Gold,’ had the privilege of meeting the real-life Boyce. Bonneville described his meeting with Boyce, stating, “I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Boyce, who’s now in his eighties but still as alert as you like and full of fascinating stories about his career. He took me through the story of his policing life which led to him being given charge of this particular operation.”

Bonneville provided further insight into Boyce’s character by discussing pulse rates; one key insight from his meeting with me was that his pulse is slow, calm, and deliberate. He’s someone who considers and considers before acting on something, an effective delegator who trusted those he could trust with his team while keeping others close.”

Brian Boyce shared his insights and experiences through ‘The Gold: The Inside Story,’ a BBC documentary that shed light on the Brink’s-Mat case. Boyce provided first-hand accounts of his investigations’ challenges as they unfolded – adding authenticity and depth to this compelling account of this complex case.

Detective Brian Boyce is a testament to law enforcement officers’ dedication and tireless devotion in pursuit of justice. From taking down organized crime figures to investigating one of history’s boldest heists and eventually getting involved with Stephen Lawrence case investigations – Brian is a man of principle and integrity who inspires audiences around the globe with ‘The Gold‘ film series and beyond. Audiences must remember his legacy- he lives on in DCI Brian Boyce, who remains dedicated to seeking it no matter the difficulty.

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