Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band “Andy Blazquez” Now?

Where is Andy Blazquez Now

Where is Ex-Member of Menudo Band “Andy Blazquez” Today? – Beginning in the late 1970s, Menudo’s music won the hearts of millions of young followers. Menudo has had a number of singers as part of the group, with a constantly shifting lineup to maintain the boyish charm of the ensemble.

Interviews with a few ex-band members who discuss their time with Menudo are included in the HBO Max docuseries “Menudo: Forever Young.” Not everything about it, though, is good. The 1990s lineup member Andy Blazquez goes into great detail about the behaviour that was typical at the time. Therefore, let’s learn more now, shall we?

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Who is Andy Blazquez

Andy Blazquez: Who is He?

From 1991 to 1997, Andy lived in Menudo as a young child. The band typically worked hard not only to record the songs but also to promote, practice, and play them because Menudo was recognized for their continuous album output. The band also generated revenue from the selling of merchandise. But Andy revealed on the programme that he was never paid his fair part of that. Andy discussed this as only one of many awful events in the documentary.

Andy claims that while he was a member of Menudo, there was tremendous sexualization. For example, he recalled Edgardo discussing topics like anal sex in front of the kids, and there were frequently inappropriate jokes made around the kids. In another instance, Andy mentioned on the programme that Edgardo would occasionally carry a small towel when speaking with the band members.

Another incident, which Andy described in the docuseries, occurred when he was 14 years old, shortly after an album was released. His voice started to change by that point. But Menudo was scheduled to appear at a concert at the same time. The same didn’t apply to live singing as they practised performance. Andy, therefore, recalled messing it up on stage when the time actually came. He then claimed that Edgardo had not made him feel supported. Andy said, “I never felt like I was good enough for my management.”

What Happened to Andy Blazquez and Where Is He Now?

In the end, Andy believed that Edgardo had failed the kids and had fallen short of their parents’ expectations. Edgardo’s behaviour, he continued on the programme, was frequently unexpected; he would be kind to Andy when they were alone yet treat him poorly in public. Nevertheless, in the years after he left the band in 1997, Andy has made a good life for himself.

Andy is the founder of Create The Box, a business that specialises in 3D design and animation for websites and mobile apps. Although Andy appears to have made Florida his home, he frequently visits Puerto Rico and other locations. In addition, Andy and his partner raise stepchildren, and they also have a pet dog to keep them company.

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