Snowflake Mountain: Are Devon Smith and Randy Wentworth Dating?

Devon Smith and Randy Wentworth Dating

Are Devon Smith and Randy Wentworth Dating? – It’s time to hang out with some snowflakes now that summer has arrived. While we wait for fresh seasons of Too Hot to Handle, Netflix has a brand-new reality competition/survival series called Snowflake Mountain that will no doubt fill the void in your viewing schedule. Ten “snowflakes,” or privileged Gen Zers, are dumped into the wilderness, where they must train with some seasoned survivalists in order to survive. They stand to make $50,000 if they reach the finish line. However, what if one of them decides to leave? The reward money has been deducted by $5,000.

If we’re being completely honest, the bond between Randy Wentworth from Florida and New Yorker Devon Smith was the most fascinating element, aside from the cast’s progressive personal development. We have the information for you if you want to discover more about the same as well as their present possible standing now that filming has been completed for almost a year.

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Devon and Randy’s Snowflake Mountain Journey

The Snowflake Mountain Journey of Devon Smith and Randy Wentworth

Devon and Randy didn’t seem to click right away when they initially met, but as they got to know one another in their peculiar circumstance, a true relationship did develop. After all, instead of living it up in the promised villa, they were practically imprisoned in a wilderness survival camp, which at first drove the emotions of the majority of the team to an all-time high. Nevertheless, the 23-year-old Floridian did his best to maintain his composure and good spirits despite the fact that their first obstacle, getting food from a wood raft, led to a heated argument between Carl Lariviere and Devon.

The one-on-one chats started right away, and Randy soon discovered that he was frequently seeking Devon out, not just because they were cool but also because he had grown to like her a little.

At one point, he actually said in a confessional that she was the most attractive sight at camp before adding, “I admire how Devon is strong, independent, and sticks up for what she believes in.” Then, as the 20-year-old realised he was flirting with her and was unsure what to do, we got to see one of their peculiarly cute yet crucial breakfast conversations.

Randy even suggested that they go on a date despite their different tastes in cuisine and fashion, but Devon left it at that because she didn’t want to offend him. She did refer to him as a “cutie pie” because of his friendliness, but she remained steadfast in her choice despite how close they grew over time or his attempts to comfort her during difficult times. Although it wasn’t Devon’s desire to lure him on, she ended up flirting with him because they almost always sat together. However, to avoid being kissed, she dodged Randy’s advances when they were alone in the hot tub.

Are Devon Smith and Randy Wentworth: Are They Dating?

Devon and Randy somehow managed to keep their friendship going despite the awkward botched kiss, as shown by their behavior after being assigned to spend the night at Last Chance Lake. He did admit that he had already considered having her meet his parents. Still, he swiftly turned his focus to simply keeping her company and perhaps improving her attitude in the process.

In addition, she offered to give him wipes when he needed them after a poop-up in the mountains, implying that there might be more between them than just a comfortable relationship.

That is not, however, at all the case. Although Devon and Randy are still in touch in some fashion, based on what we can deduce from their social media accounts, they are not dating. In fact, the latter appears to be dating actress Chlo Rhoades right now since they have both been leaving flirtatious, cuddly comments on nearly each other’s Instagram posts for quite some time.

On June 22, Netflix will make all of the Snowflake Mountain episodes available.