Nawajid Khan Murder: Where is Faria Khan Now?

Where is Faria Khan Now

Where is Faria Khan Now? – Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the captivating, tragic, and engaging case featured in the Peacock crime series “Meet, Marry, Murder: Khan.” This riveting TV show delves into the events surrounding Nawajid Khan’s life and death at the hands of those he trusted—only for them to take an unexpectedly dark path toward a more troubling end. Since premiering on the Peacock network, this riveting series has mesmerized audiences by depicting this heart-wrenching tale!

In this article, we will take you on an emotional journey into Nawajid Khan’s death and the investigation that led to its shocking conclusion, including insight into its tragic circumstances and those involved.

How Did Nawajid Khan Die
Nawajid Khan

How Did Nawajid Khan Die?

On that fateful day in late January 2008, Nawajid Khan’s life came to a tragic and bloody conclusion. At 31 years old, he worked hard as a chef living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. He had been previously married through a family-arranged marriage in Pakistan in 1999, but their journey together had been anything but joyful.

Nawajid’s life abruptly ended when he met Faria Khan, who came from an entirely different cultural milieu. Their cultures clashed immediately in their relationship: Faria’s love of rock music and pubs made it hard for her to conform to Nawajid’s conservative expectations. His insistence upon traditional attire, such as burqas and hijabs, became a source of conflict, and disagreements over her attire became a point of contention between them.

Faria claimed that Nawajid physically abused her for not adhering to cultural norms, and Nawajid displayed injuries, including a black eye and scratches, which he claimed were caused by Faria’s violent tendencies.

Faria and Nawajid’s relationship reached a breaking point in 2007 when Faria obtained a non-molestation order against him, alleging abuse as the reason. Nawajid announced his exit from their marriage in May 2007, declaring it irretrievable. Shortly thereafter, in January 2008, Faria initiated divorce proceedings, accusing Nawajid of abusive behavior during their time together.

According to court records, Faria Khan, now estranged from her husband Nawajid Khan, devised a sinister plan to end his life during this tumultuous period. She employed members of the local rap band ‘Dem Boyz‘—assailants armed with axes, hammers, and knives—against Nawajid as he approached his workplace on January 8, 2008. They ambushed him as he went to work that fateful day in January 2008.

The attack began, and Nawajid valiantly fought off his attackers. Amid this melee, Faria Khan saw her chance and used it to implement her sinister plan: she intentionally ran her 4×4 vehicle over Nawajid’s body in a Sheffield street, leaving him mortally wounded on impact—an act that demonstrated just how far their hatred had reached.

Trial proceedings revealed chilling details about Faria Khan’s involvement in orchestrating her husband’s assault, showing she hired and coordinated these individuals, drove them to the scene of the attack, and ultimately was the one driving when Nawajid met his tragic end. While she subsequently claimed her motive was simply intended to “frighten and scare” him, evidence provided a more stark portrait.

As the trial unfolded, it became evident that Faria Khan’s relationship with her rap band members was made possible through Neelam Kauser—her close friend and partner Brian Yorachi was one of its founding members—acting as an intermediary between Faria Khan and the aspiring rappers. Additionally, text messages suggested an imminent financial transaction for Nawajid Khan’s life, with Neelam asking Brian for £200 as proof of this mission’s severity.

Evidence presented at trial clearly established Faria Khan as the mastermind of this heinous plot. Her actions displayed a chilling level of premeditation and unwavering determination to end her husband’s life, even after the initial assault from members of the rap band.

Who Killed Nawajid Khan
Faria Khan

Who Killed Nawajid Khan? – Investigation and Arrest

The investigation into Nawajid Khan’s killing was intensive, seeking to unravel the complex web of events leading up to it. Detectives conducted intensive inquiries surrounding his attack and amassed evidence against those responsible.

As evidence mounted against Faria Khan, it became abundantly clear she was the primary suspect. Her involvement in planning, executing, and driving the vehicle that killed Nawajid left no room for doubt, while text messages and phone records tied her directly to the crime scene despite her claims of innocence.

Neelam Kauser, Faria Khan’s close friend and the link between her and the Dem Boyz rap band, played an integral part in Faria Khan’s investigation. Her messages and testimony provided vital clues into Faria’s intentions and her involvement in the murder plot.

Kanu 'Chaps' Kangi and Daniel Conkera Moore
Kanu ‘Chaps’ Kangi and Daniel ‘Conkera’ Moore

The trial, which followed the investigation, marked a significant turning point in Nawajid Khan’s pursuit of justice. Faria Khan, Neelam Kauser, Brian Yorachi, Kanu Kangi Daniel Moore, and Abdiquador Mohammed all faced charges related to Nawajid’s murder.

The courtroom drama painted an unsettling account of events leading up to Nawajid’s death. Eyewitness testimony, including from Neelam Kauser, described Faria Khan’s conduct during her attack as being like that of someone under the influence—laughing cruelly as her estranged husband lay helpless on the roadside.

Faria Khan presented overwhelming evidence of her guilt to the jury, including evidence such as weapons used during the attack and phone records from when she drove the vehicle used for murder. Although Khan attempted to downplay and shift blame from herself, all facts pointed unmistakably toward her responsibility in this gruesome act.

As the trial ended, the verdict was indisputable: Faria Khan was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years before any consideration for release was even given. Brian Yorachi and Kanu Kangi of Faria Khan’s rap band also received life terms with minimum terms of 17 years for their respective convictions.

Neelam Kauser received a 14-year prison term as punishment for her role as an intermediary, while Daniel Moore and Abdiquador Mohammed, who were found guilty of conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm and kidnap, received eight and 7-year sentences, respectively.

Courtroom proceedings provided closure in the tragic case of Nawajid Khan’s murder, yet its aftermath still haunts those affected. Justice was served, yet its effects remain.

Where Is Faria Khan Today

Where Is Faria Khan Now?

Following her conviction and sentencing for murdering Nawajid Khan, Faria Khan faced a lengthy prison term. On January 29, 2009, she was given life imprisonment for at least 20 years before consideration could be given for release.

Faria Khan’s imprisonment marked a dramatic chapter in her life that transformed her from an unstable wife into an infamous killer. Her role in orchestrating this horrific act left a profound mark both on public awareness and the justice system.

As she began serving her life sentence, Faria Khan joined those facing the consequences of their actions while behind bars. Her days of freedom, marked by choices and decisions, gave way to rigid routines and restrictions inherent to prison life.

The justice system’s decision to enforce a minimum prison term of 20 years before parole eligibility is a stark reminder of Nawajid Khan’s crimes and her victims, their families, and loved ones who suffered greatly because of them.

Faria Khan faces the daunting task of reconciling with her past and the choices that led to the irreparable consequences of her actions in prison. Her story serves as a warning about unchecked animosity and its devastating impact.

Faria Khan continues to serve her sentence, while Nawajid Khan remains an ever-present reminder of a life taken prematurely by an act of such extreme violence. While her courtroom conviction may bring some closure for those involved, its aftermath will always linger within us all.


The case of Faria Khan and Nawajid Khan’s murder is an uncomfortable reminder of the depths of human conflict while attesting to law enforcement and the justice system’s efforts in seeking justice for victims of violent crimes. While Faria Khan serves her prison sentence, Nawajid Khan’s memory remains an important reminder of a life lost too soon through violence.

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