I Just Killed My Dad: Where is Forensic Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Lawing Today?

Where is Forensic Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Lawing Now

Where is Forensic Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Lawing Now? – Louisiana was shocked in 2019 by the shooting death of Burt Templet at the hands of his immature son, Anthony. In self-defence, the young boy claimed that his father had attacked him. “I Just Killed My Dad” documentary on Netflix centres on Anthony’s case and explores his early life. Burt is said to have taken Anthony from his mother and subjected him to years of maltreatment. The defence enlisted clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Kathryn Lawing to evaluate Anthony. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Kathryn Lawing and her opinion on Anthony, here is what we know.

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Where is Dr Kathryn Lawing Today

Dr. Kathryn Lawing: Who is She?

After being detained, Anthony told the police that he did not get along with his father and that he had endured years of violence and neglect. However, the prosecution believed there was no proof at the time because no police or medical reports indicated such abuse. Therefore, Dr. Kathryn Lawing was engaged by Jarrett Ambeau, Anthony’s attorney, to conduct Anthony’s psychological examination in order to demonstrate that the abuse actually occurred.

Kathryn stated in the program that her goal was to comprehend Anthony’s mental state in the moments before the shooting. She discovered through her interviews that Anthony’s father’s unpredictable conduct caused him to be beaten frequently and to be constantly on edge.

Kathryn also understood that Burt struggled after his ex-wife, Susan Templet, left him. According to the show, Burt started drinking more, which increased the tension between him and Anthony.

Kathryn also discussed Anthony’s isolation from the outside world, including his rejection of making friends and his lack of access to medical treatment. She spoke about Burt’s constant possession of a loaded firearm in the days preceding the shooting on the programme. Anthony was afraid that his father might shoot him at the time because he had no difficulty beating Anthony all those years.

Where is Dr. Kathryn Lawing Now?

Kathryn revealed on the programme that Anthony believed he had no choice but to shoot Burt. That’s because he thought that was the only way to put a stop to the abuse he endured. According to her assessment, Anthony was honest in what he claimed and exhibited all the psychological signs of abuse. Ultimately, his assessment was crucial in helping Anthony escape captivity.

Kathryn graduated from the University of New Orleans in Louisiana with a master’s and a doctorate in applied developmental psychology. Her areas of expertise include juvenile justice and the treatment of young offenders, among other things. She has produced several scientific journal articles and presented at various conferences. Kathryn also finished a post-doctoral programme where she received training in forensic assessment and psychotherapy.

Kathryn currently divides her time between Louisiana, where she practices, and Colorado, where she lives. The psychologist’s wide experience includes research-based methods for clinical evaluation, treatment of anxiety and OCD, and forensic psychology.

She is highly sought after as a subject matter expert. In addition, Kathryn has experience working in neighbourhood community health clinics and is an adjunct lecturer at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

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