Indian Matchmaking: Where is Akshay Jakhete Now?

where is Akshay Jakhete From Indian Matchmaking

Where is Akshay Jakhete Today? – Recently, Netflix cancelled Indian Matchmaking, a marriage-focused reality show that aided several single people in discovering their ideal partner. While some viewers may recoil at the material, the majority will find the unique Asian characters and their parents depicted in the show to be amusing. Akshay Jakhete is one of the most talked-about bachelors.

Several prospective grooms were introduced to the public when the show first aired in 2020, including Akshay Jakhete, whose family relationships were particularly fascinating to observe. Many fans are interested in knowing about Akshay Jakhete and his current whereabouts; keep reading below to learn about him.

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Akshay Jakhete’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

The “Indian Matchmaking” Journey of Akshay Jakhete

Akshay, a 25-year-old man, finished college in Boston before moving back to India. His mother, Preeti, is currently searching for a suitable wife for her son and desires a quick marriage. Akshay revealed what his parents had told him during an on-camera confessional: “Now that you’re back and everything is good, you may be married.” He calls himself a “introvert” and a “shy person.” He is so shy that he only states that he wants the right spouse without offering any specific criteria.

As we observe from the dinner table, Akshay gives Preeti gives Akshay an ultimatum to marry soon so that his older brother can have a child. Even though the order of events doesn’t make sense, let’s continue. The Mumbai-based graduate has turned down over 70 proposals based only on the girls’ photos during the pairing process. So it goes without saying that he ended up being Sima Taparia’s most challenging client. But he once said he wanted a wife that is EXACTLY like his mother.

The prospective groom’s only confidante appeared to be his cousin Mansha, who gave viewers insight into her brother’s thought processes. Akshay finally chose Radhika Somani, a native of Udaipur, India, from the last group of girls as a result of Preeti’s mounting pressure on him to provide an answer. Sima set up a meeting with the two families at the prospective bride’s hometown as a result. Although Akshay thought Radhika was pretty, the two could not have a sustained conversation.

Radhika and Akshay attended the Roka ceremony, in which the groom’s mother gives gifts to the bride-to-be to symbolise the exclusivity of the wedding, and to consider themselves engaged formally. To strengthen communication, Akshay tried his best to get to know Radhika and keep in touch with her. He even admitted to Mansha that he might go with the marriage with the former in the end. However, many people couldn’t help but wonder what happened between the two—did they actually get married, or did they part ways? Here is what we do know about the same, though!

Where Is Akshay Jakhete Now? Does Akshay and Radhika Somani Together?

As of this writing, Radhika Somani and Akshay Jakhete are Not together. He said he felt restless after Roka in the cast of “Indian Matchmaking” season 1 reunion video that Netflix India shared. Akshay continued questioning why he went through with the wedding and consented to marry someone with whom he could not even carry on a meaningful conversation. So, the day following the Roka, he decided to take a step back and talk about it with the appropriate people.

The businessman reported that by doing this, he felt relieved, and the strain from his family seemed to lessen. Akshay went on to say that there were undoubtedly some things that both he and Radhika thought were unacceptable. He has, however, repeatedly emphasised that just because they split up doesn’t indicate anything is wrong with either of them; instead, it was probably a case of being too different. The billionaire also defended his mother, who many viewers characterised as being overbearing.

Akshay clarified that when he indicated he was searching for someone with characteristics identical to his mother and nothing else, what many perceived as ultimatums and taunts were actually family jokes. He still appears to be actively engaged in his family’s construction, manufacturing, finance, and automobile-related companies.

Despite appearing to be single, Akshay skipped the second season of “Indian Matchmaking.” In any case, we wish him the best of luck and pray for a bright future for him and his family.

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