Where is Killer Megan Hargan Today?

Where is Killer Megan Hargan Now

Where is Killer Megan Hargan Now? – The Hargan family’s eldest sister, Megan Hargan, was found guilty earlier this year of killing her own mother and sister in their million-dollar McLean home in July 2017. The Hargan family is from Virginia. She will be sentenced on October 28, 2022. Her whereabouts as of right now are unknown, though.

In the double homicide case involving the deaths of her mother, Pamela, 63, and her younger sister Helen, 23, Hargan was found guilty on all counts, including two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of firearm usage.

Authorities and prosecutors think Megan participated in the murders and manipulated the scene afterwards to make it appear that Helen Hargan had committed suicide. Before shooting herself with the same weapon and using her toes as the trigger, Megan claimed that her sister had murdered their mother.

The Hargan Killings are the subject of the CBS News programme “48 Hours: Death Hits Home,” which focuses on Megan and the mounting evidence against her. Therefore, let’s learn more now, shall we?

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Who is Megan Hargan

Who is Megan Hargan?

The McLean, Virginia, authorities in McLean, Virginia, received a 911 call from Carlos Gutierrez, Helen’s boyfriend, who was at the time in Texas, sometime after 1 o’clock on July 14, 2017. He stated that there might be a death at the Hargan home. The officers found a much darker scene inside. Pamela, age 63, was discovered at the residence lying lifeless on the floor close to the kitchen in the laundry room with a towel wrapped over her head. A.22-caliber rifle was discovered between the legs of Helen, 23, who was discovered in the upstairs bathroom. Both women were shot, and Pamela’s corpse was covered in spent bullet shells.

At first, the officials stated they were investigating a murder-suicide. Before shooting herself, Helen had murdered her mother. They quickly realised that the scenario had been manufactured and that both had been murdered. However, the authorities chose not to make it public to stay one step ahead of the killer. One of Pamela’s kids, Megan Hargan, was the subject of many suspicions. She and her small daughter had also been residing there at the time. On the morning of July 14, 2017, Megan initially informed the police that Helen and Pamela had a hostile relationship.

According to Megan, Pamela, 63, sought to break the arrangement because she disapproved of Helen’s decisions regarding the home she was having built for her. The 23-year-old recent graduate intended to relocate there with Carlos. Megan claimed that Pamela disapproved of that because she held him responsible for allegedly getting Helen addicted to drugs. But the truth, as the authorities knew it told a very different tale. According to the investigation, Megan used her mother’s name to make a bid on a house approximately a month earlier because she only had $30 in her own account.

In addition, Megan attempted to transfer $420,000 from Pamela’s account to the title business managing the home’s closing on July 13, 2017. Pamela was informed of the transfer by the bank, and she reported fraud. The next day, at around 11:30 am, a distraught Helen called Carlos and claimed Megan had told her that she had killed their mother. Pamela wanted to take Megan’s little daughter away since Megan “was caught performing an escort service business.” Helen informed Carlos that Megan was transferring money downstairs as he urged her to depart with the young child.

Up until the point that Carlos claimed Megan answered, Carlos’ subsequent calls to Helen went unanswered. She refused to give the phone to his girlfriend but informed him that Helen and Pamela were arguing over a traffic ticket. After receiving bizarre texts from Helen that he thought were coming from Megan, he eventually dialled 911. It was discovered that Megan had committed the two killings and had staged a horrific murder-suicide as a cover-up. She even attempted to accept responsibility for it at one point during her interrogation by declaring, “I can confess to whatever. I just want my family to move on. … It’s been awful living in purgatory.”

Where is Megan Hargan Today

Where is Megan Hargan Now?

Additionally, the authorities discovered Megan’s DNA on the rifle bag and gunshot residue on her hands. The prosecution argued that Helen’s gunshot wound on the top of her head was incompatible with self-infliction, despite her defence’s assertion that Helen killed Pamela before killing herself. Each side gave very varied stories of what might have occurred that night.

The jury ultimately chose to support the prosecution, nevertheless. Megan Hargan, who was 39 at the time, was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in March 2022. At the time, the jury suggested that she get two life terms. For the time being, Helen is still being held by Virginia police as she awaits her sentencing hearing on October 28, 2022.

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano reportedly said, as quoted by Law & Crime:

“We in Fairfax County have no tolerance for such disregard for human life and I am committed to addressing crimes of this magnitude with the seriousness they merit. We will be asking or a substantial sentence that reflects the seriousness of the crime.”

The jury recommended that Megan Hargan should spend the rest of her life in jail for both killings at the end of the case. Although it’s unknown where she is right now, her punishment hearing is scheduled for this year’s October 28.

This Saturday, October 1, 2022, watch 48 Hours on CBS to discover more about Megan Hargan’s trial.

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