Where is Lindsay Jellett’s Ex-Caretaker “Judith Cengiz” Today?

Where is Lindsay Jellett’s Ex-Caretaker Today
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Where is Lindsay Jellett’s Ex-Caretaker “Judith Cengiz” Today? – The true crime series “Deadly Women” on Investigation Discovery uncovers the horrifying situations in which seemingly innocent females turn out to be ruthless murderers. It follows three incredibly diverse yet equally horrifying homicides from around the world in episode 11 of season 11, “Keep It In the Family” or “In The Family (2nd).” This episode is no different. We now have all the information you need regarding Australian Judith Ann Cengiz’s past, her misdeeds, and her present situation. So keep reading to get all the information.

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Who is Judith Cengiz
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Judith Cengiz: Who is she?

Fraternal twins Judith Cengiz and Lindsay Jellett, both 41, were thought to be as close as they could be given everything they had experienced together. That was back in 1994. Even though he had a reasonably straightforward life and worked in a protected workshop, he had an intellectual handicap caused by chronic brain injury; thus she was practically his caretaker.

According to the Investigation Discovery episode, Lindsay was struck by a car when he was a young child, which led to his placement in an institution by the time he was seven and the creation of a trust fund in his honor. Judith legitimately claimed $5–10,000 per month from her brother’s fund, which was worth about $130,000, to pay for expenditures, but according to “Deadly Women,” she was also using the money for personal advantages.

She allegedly developed a gambling addiction to slot machines and did anything to make sure she could gamble every night in the hopes of perhaps increasing her earnings. However, according to official documents, Judith’s desperation ultimately led her to run Lindsay over numerous times with her car on the tragic May 10, 1994, because she stood to inherit Lindsay’s estate and accounts.

Where is Judith Cengiz Now
She was given a 10-year prison term. After serving 6 years she was granted parole on Feb 2002.

What Happened to Judith Cengiz and Where Is She Now?

Four months after the incident, Judith was found in connection with her brother’s death, but her 1996 murder trial produced more questions than correct answers. The prosecutors could not show she killed him, despite having sufficient evidence that she intentionally tramped on him before fabricating a hit-and-run accident and running away.

Although a cause of death was never established, the promising argument was that she had poisoned Lindsay before the physical assault since, according to the episode, there was evidence of a knockout substance in his system.

Another theory is that Lindsay was already dead when his identical twin sister accidentally ran him over on the deserted, lonely roadway, suffering from sudden unexpected death syndrome associated with epilepsy. She was convicted guilty of attempted murder by circumstantial evidence, but because it was allegedly uncontested that she believed he was still alive, she was given a 10-year prison term.

After serving the minimum needed six years, Judith was granted parole and has been free since early February 2002. She appears to be roughly 70 years old, and because she currently wants to avoid the spotlight, we can only conclude that she still resides in or nearby Australia.