Timothy Wiltsey Death: Where is Michelle Lodzinski’s Brother Michael Now?

Where is Michelle Lodzinski's Brother Michael Now

Where is Michelle Lodzinski’s Brother Michael Lodzinski Now? Let’s find him.┬áMichelle Lodzinski reported her five-year-old son missing on May 25, 1991, after she said she lost sight of him at a fair on a warm Memorial Day weekend Saturday evening. The search for the youngster lasted months.

Timothy’s awful fate would not be revealed for another 11 months, when authorities discovered a skull and other bones in a creek near the Raritan Center industrial park and identified them as his remains. Then, 23 years after she had reported him missing, Lodziinski was captured in Florida and charged with his murder.

Timothy “Timmy” Wiltsey, a 5-year-old boy who mysteriously vanished from a carnival in May 1991, only to be discovered dead nearly 11 months later, shocked the entire nation. The most perplexing component, as revealed in NBC’sDateline: The Blue Blanket Mystery,’ is that Timothy’s mother, Michelle Lodzinski, has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of her activities. Now, if you only want to know about Michelle’s brother Michael, who has likely been the most vocal in demanding justice for Timothy, we’ve got you covered.

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Timothy Wiltsey with mother
Timothy Wiltsey with his mother Michelle Lodzinski.

Michael Lodzinski: Who Is He?

Michael Lodzinski is one year younger than his now-famous sister, Michelle Lodzinski, and comes from a large and close-knit family with origins in Laurence Harbor, New Jersey. That implies he was 16 or 17 years old when she decided to become a single working mother after welcoming his nephew Timothy Wiltsey into the world, transforming all of their relationships into something far deeper.

Despite focusing on academics before earning a Bachelor’s degree in Surveying from Ohio State University, Michael always made time for Timothy, and was even a pallbearer at his death.┬áThe Lodzinski family was obviously devastated by Timothy’s death, but they mainly believed Michelle’s many tales until she was kidnapped in 1994. “That’s when I realised something wasn’t right. “I began to look into it,” Michael explained. “Why are you doing that?” Instead of seeking justice for Timmy, why go through all of this? Because she never spoke about it, she gave the family plenty of grounds to be suspicious.

However, the case went cold, and I had to determine whether or not I wanted to keep a relationship with my sister and [her two other sons]. So I backed her up.” When Michelle was arrested in 2014, her brother realised he had to confront her, so he wrote her a letter from prison demanding the whole truth, to which she never replied to.

Despite this, Michael continued to attend her lengthy 2016 trial, shouting, “I love you, Sis.” “I adore you,” she said as she was brought away after being convicted of first-degree murder. “Just to stand for [Timothy], that’s what I came for,” he explained. I didn’t want her to be alone when this happened, either. Not only for Timmy, but also for her, there had to be some family here… Timmy got his just desserts.”

Where is Michelle Lodzinski's Brother Michael today

What Happened to Michael Lodzinski and Where Is He Now?

Michael Lodzinski has maintained his belief that his sister is guilty, and he publicly attacked the ruling when the New Jersey Supreme Court reversed her conviction in December 2021. In a statement, he stated, “We all know the jury got it right…” “Give me a break,” she says. Justice Albin and his ilk believe they have righted a huge wrong today, but all they have done is rob justice from a small boy; shame on them.”

Michael is currently residing in Cement City, Michigan, where he not only works as a state surveyor but also has his own surveying firm, Lodzinski & Associates, according to our information. As of now, Michael is in his early 50s and appears to be doing his best to move on from the past, despite the fact that he knows there will never be true closure – Timothy’s death remains a mystery.

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