Where Is Princess Diana Butler Paul Burrell Today? How Much Did He Make From His Book?

Where Is Princess Diana Butler Paul Burrell Now

Where Is Princess Diana Butler Paul Burrell Today? How Much Did He Make From His Book? – Paul Burrell RVM, a former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, was a servant in the British Royal Household. Ever since she died in 1997, Burrell has been mentioned in relation to her in the media.

The Diana Investigations documentary series will debut on Discovery+ only on August 18, 2022. The four-part documentary will examine the past and strange circumstances surrounding Princess Diana’s death.

The series is expected to shed new light on the circumstances behind the princess’ untimely passing and explore the various conspiracy theories that speculate on what may have genuinely transpired.

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Who is Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell: Who is He?

Paul Burrell was born and raised in the coal-mining community of Grassmoor, Derbyshire. His parents were Graham Burrell and Beryl Burrell. He was initially expected to work at the nearby colliery because his father drove a lorry, but at the age of eight, he decided that he wanted to work at Buckingham Palace. This came after he visited London and saw the Changing of the Guard. Before enrolling at High Peak College in Buxton to study hotel management, he attended William Rhodes Secondary School in Chesterfield.

At the age of 18, Burrell joined the Royal Service as a footman at Buckingham Palace. A year later, he was appointed the Queen’s personal footman. To set him apart from Paul Whybrew, a larger footman known as “Tall Paul,” he was given the moniker “Small Paul.”

Burrell moved to Charles and Diana’s home at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire in 1987, serving as the princess’s butler until her passing in August 1997. Paul’s continued care and promotions were a factor in this, in addition to the fact that his aspirations were merely the result of seeing the Changing of the Guard when he was 8 years old.

The only source that supports Burrell’s assertion that Diana, Princess of Wales, called him “the only guy she ever trusted” is his own writing. However, Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd, hated him and thought of him as “just another hanger-on grasping at Diana’s celebrity.” Nevertheless, Burrell’s books claim that Diana was very fond of him and that she would refer to him as her “rock” for his support through tough times.

Where is Paul Burrell Now

What Happened to Paul Burrell and Where Is He Now?

No other publications or sources have made the same allegation; despite Paul’s insistence that he was Princess Diana’s rock throughout the years, she was subjected to unheard-of scrutiny because of her private life. Although she only named her two sons and her 17 godchildren as beneficiaries, it is clear that they were quite close since she left him £50,000 ($82,000 at the time) from her fortune. That’s in part why it wasn’t entirely unexpected when she gave him a handwritten, sensitive letter in 1993 in which she claimed she thought her ex-husband, Prince Charles, wanted her dead to move on.

Paul’s memoirs, “A Royal Duty,” which detailed his own accounts of the Royal houses and family and his relationship with the late princess, was released in 2003. As if that weren’t enough, it also described how Her Majesty rescued him from the theft accusations brought against him in court in 2002 in relation to stealing from his friend. The Queen eventually confirmed the unquestionably crucial fact that the former butler claimed he had over 300 of Princess Diana’s items simply for long-term safekeeping.

Paul reportedly went on to secure a £500,000 (about $6,04,000) deal for the book’s serialization; thus, the lengthy process did bring him significant financial gain. This is especially true given that this sum appeared to be in addition to the money he had reportedly previously received from the first book deal, ongoing sales, and ongoing media appearances. Thus, in 2006, he released “The Way We Were: Remembering Diana“; earlier that year, he had also written the somewhat unrelated “Entertaining with Style” and “In the Royal Manner: Butler to Diana.”

Regarding his current whereabouts, from what we can gather, in addition to being a well-known author and public personality, Paul is also a former business owner who currently resides in a civil parish in Cheshire. He continues to appear in various television programs and motion pictures to advocate for his deceased friend.

Still, he formally retired in 2019 when he sold his flower store in the quaint village of Farndon. The 64-year-old husband and father of two adult kids is currently concentrating on his 2017 marriage to Graham Cooper, his love of travel, and his passion for painting while enhancing his online presence.