ABC 20/20 – Where is Tad Cummins Now? What Happened to His Wife?

Where is Kidnapper Tad Cummins Now

Where is Tad Cummins now? What Happened to Tad Cummins Wife? – Culleoke, Tennessee, is an isolated, quiet, and charming community. Beyond the post office, little much exists, and if you’re seeking for something to do, good luck. Even while the city can be quiet, sometimes its inhabitants are not. According to ABC News, the Thomas family was frequently in a state of instability. Until “authorities removed her from their house,” the family’s matriarch, Kimberly Thomas, is accused of abusing her children.

Children in those kinds of circumstances frequently become further victims due to the actions of other individuals in their lives, as was the case with Elizabeth Thomas. The 15-year-old was abducted from Culleoke in 2017 by Tad Cummins, her 50-year-old instructor who violently assaulted her while taking her on a cross-country journey from hell. He was apprehended 38 days later, but the harm had already been done. Now, ABC News will discuss this distressing tale in a future 20/20 broadcast. Where is Tad Cummins now, then? Here’s what we do know.

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Where Is Tad Cummins today

Where is Kidnapper Tad Cummins Now?

Don Cochran, the Middle District of Tennessee’s US attorney, told reporters in front of a Tennessee courthouse in January 2019 that “today, we got justice for a brave victim.” In addition to obstruction of justice, Cummins had just been convicted guilty of transporting a juvenile across state lines with the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual behaviour.

Cummins spent several months “cultivating a sexual relationship with her” in 2017, according to The Tennessean, before snatching Thomas. On January 23, a 12-year-old pupil saw Cummins kissing Thomas and reported what they saw to school authorities. On March 3, 2017, Cummins “sent a message telling his wife he was leaving town to clear his thoughts — he indicated he was headed east and requested her not to call police,” according to a report from the month after he was banned. He coerced Thomas, nonetheless, into accompanying him.

He took her across states for two months, forcing her to have sex with him in motel rooms. In April 2017, officials finally managed to capture him. In Cecilville, California, Cummins was housing Thomas in a secluded cabin. Federal prosecutor Sara Beth Myers read Thomas’ victim impact statement during his trial. It was painfully drawn out and lengthy.

Due to COVID-19 worries, Tad, who is presently serving a 20-year sentence in Alabama, asked to be freed from jail in 2020. His appeal was rejected.

Who Is Tad Cummins

What Happened to Tad Cummins’s wife and Where She Now?

After her arrest in May 2017, Jill Cummins sat down with ABC News and discussed the man she knew. God is the core of our marriage and lives, and Jill remarked, “I believe it was and still is the most important thing to him.” After graduating from high school, the couple—who had been sweethearts—married. Their shared faith in God was a foundational element of their marriage.

Jill treated Thomas as a “third daughter” when Cummins expressed interest in him, who saw it more as a father-daughter relationship. On Sundays, he frequently brought Thomas to church. According to Jill, our preacher’s wife was going to discuss abuse and how to move on from it, so he chose to invite Beth because of her history. We were, I believed, assisting her.

Despite all of this, Jill started the divorce process soon after Cummins was taken into custody. She discussed an unsettling phone contact she had with Cummins only a few days after his arrest in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition. “Well, did you sleep with her, I said. And he responded, “Yes, I did.”” Jill apparently refused Cummins’ request for forgiveness despite his pleadings. I’m not going to let him hurt me like that again,” she vowed. For at least 20 years, Cummins won’t be able to harm anyone, which is a blessing.

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