The Texas Killing Fields: Who Was the Real killer? Where is Clyde Hedrick & William Reece Now?

Who Was the Real killer in The Texas Killing Fields1

Who Was the Real killer in The Texas Killing Fields? Where is Clyde Hedrick Now? Where is William Reece Now? – The most recent true-crime documentary on Netflix is called “The Texas Killing Fields.” The “Crime Scene” anthology’s third season is now airing. In the third season, there is a region in Texas where there is an eerily ominous pattern of girls going missing and then being found dead.

The three-part documentary investigates the puzzling pattern of young women who vanished in the 1980s and 1990s only to be found dead on a Texas plot of land called Calder Road. The series speaks to their family members, with one devastated father in particular who is adamant about not giving up the search for his daughter’s killer. Their deaths are still unsolved. If you want to know more about Texas Killing and real killer, read below.

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Texas Killing Fields

Who are the Suspects in The Texas Killing Fields?

The documentary demonstrates how hard detectives have worked over the years to identify prospective suspects yet how little progress has been made. Additionally, the FBI revealed back in 2019 that there are no known witnesses for the four murders at Calder Road Field.

The first key suspect was a convict who, in 2001, falsely confessed to the murders at the Calder Road oil field while in custody. Another suspect was a man who kept horses in an adjacent lot and owned a stable. However, there was insufficient proof to bring charges against either party.

Clyde Hedrick, who was convicted of killing Ellen Beason nearby, is still a suspect in the case. Hedrick has publicly asserted (in a letter to The Guardian) that he is innocent. However, an assistant district attorney claims in the docuseries that Hedrick admitted to killing Fye and raping and killing Miller. The District Attorney claims that although there is not enough evidence to establish the case, he has not yet been excluded as a suspect.

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Another man, William Reece, has admitted to killing people in three other unsolved cold cases connected to the “Killing Fields.”

Have any murderers been Apprehended?

Numerous people have been taken into custody in relation to the numerous murders that occurred along the “Killing Fields.”

Kevin Edison Smith: 16 years after Krystal Jean Baker’s murder, Smith was apprehended in 2012. When Baker’s garment was tested for DNA, it matched Smith, who had been detained in 2010 for a relatively minor drug charge. He received a life in a prison sentence.

Gerald Peter Zwarst and John Robert King: According to TVAcute, King admitted to killing Shelley Sikes, then 19 years old, when she was in her car in 1987. Additionally, he claimed that Zwarst assisted him in raping and killing her. Both individuals passed away in jail.

William Lewis Reece was detained in 1997 for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Sandra Sapaugh, who was 19 at the time. (As he drove down a highway, she managed to get away by leaping out of his truck.) His DNA matched the evidence in the 2015 death of Tiffany Johnson, who was 19 years old. In 1997, Johnson was killed in Oklahoma. Reece admitted to killing Kelli Cox, 20, and Jessica Cain, 17.

where is Clyde Hedrick Now

What Happened to Clyde Hedrick?

Despite allegedly telling jailhouse informants that he killed numerous more individuals, including Fye and Miller, Hedrick was granted parole in 2021.

It’s not apparent where he is right now. However, Tim Miller, the father of one of the “Killing Fields” victims, has been looking into Hedrick in connection with the killing of his daughter. Miller has even visited Hedrick’s former residence in Florida, spoken with Hedrick’s ex-wife, and cleaned out Hedrick’s property.

Who Is Serial Killer William Reece

What has become of William Reece?

William Reece is currently incarcerated and has been relocated to Texas, where he has pleaded guilty to the killings of Cain, Cox, and Laura Smither. He was given a life sentence for each of the three offences.

Who is the killer in The Texas Killing Fields?

This question lacks a simple solution. There are probably several different people involved because there were so many bodies discovered along the area of land. Numerous individuals have been found guilty or charged in various incidents throughout the years, and additional names have also been suggested without any proof to back up any accusations.

Miller, Fye, Prudhomme, and Cook’s four murders at the Calder Road oil fields are still open cases.

The Texas Killing Fields is currently available on Netflix for watching.