Where is Donald Shelton From “My 600-Lb Life” Now?

Where is Donald Shelton From “My 600-Lb Life” Now? – Given the popularity of My 600-lb Life, it’s not surprising that followers of the TLC program are interested in the stars even years after their episodes have aired. The show follows morbidly obese patients on a quest to get healthy with the help of famous bariatric surgeon Dr. Now.

Donald weighed 675 pounds when he initially sought the assistance of Dr. Nowzaradan (also known as “Dr. Now”) owing to his obesity. Donald was struggling with heroin addiction in addition to his food addiction, unlike most of the stars who appear on the show. Both of these problems reduced his confidence and motivated him to start living healthier. Following gastric bypass surgery, Donald was able to lose 300 pounds while he was on My 600-lb Life. After leaving the show, he appeared to regain weight after being told he had a rare, potentially fatal disease. Where is Donald Shelton currently? Go on reading.

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Is Donald Shelton Alive or Dead

Is Donald Shelton Alive or Dead?

Due to the health issues Donald experienced throughout his episode, the notion that he had passed away swiftly gained traction among viewers. To dispel any misunderstandings, it appears that the Shelton who passed away in 2016 was his father, who had the same first name as Donald and had starred in his episode.

At the time, our My 600-lb Life hero was crushed by the death and shared both his father’s obituary and a now-defunct GoFundMe page to help with expenses. The Vietnam veteran passed away at the age of 70.

On the other side, Donald Jr. is healthy, happy, and in terrific shape right now.

Where Is Donald Shelton From My 600-Lb Liffe today

Where Is Donald Shelton From My 600-Lb Life?

Donald was given the Guillain-Barre syndrome diagnosis by his doctors after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. A person with this uncommon condition experiences weakness and tingling in the hands and feet as a result of their immune system attacking their nerves. As a result, Donald can no longer walk, and he now utilizes a wheelchair. After receiving his diagnosis, he found it extremely difficult to stay active and put on 300 pounds. But despite this challenging setback, Donald was still committed to reaching his target weight.

Social media images appear to show that the former star of My 600-lb Life eventually lost weight despite his circumstances. It’s unclear at this time whether Donald is wed or in a relationship. In the most recent update on his love life, he claimed that he was not looking for a marriage or girlfriend. He is reportedly attempting to gather $40,000 via a GoFundMe account in order to purchase a wheelchair-accessible van for himself and his mother, Mary. The magazine claims that “they need this van so she can transport Donald, and she also drives handicapped members of her church to church.”

Donald has indicated that he enjoys himself when he goes out and does stuff, although he has maintained he isn’t actively looking for a partner. Currently residing in Pasadena, Texas, the former TLC reality star maintains a healthy diet, as does his mother. He occasionally posts updates on himself on his Facebook profile so that his fans may stay up to date.

You can stream “My 600-lb” on TLC every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

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