Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin :: Who Is the Father of Imogen Child?

How Did Imogen Get Pregnant

How Did Imogen Get Pregnant? Who Is the Father of Imogen Child? – There is unquestionably a connection between Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and the original PLL series, which aired on ABC Family/Freeform from 2010 to 2017. But aside from one significant connection, there don’t seem to be many references to the original series: A. Do you recall A: A big man in a jumpsuit who seemed skilled with a blade? He or she is tormenting a new group of high school girls, and this time, their mothers have good reason to be afraid.

Imogen’s pregnancy is one of the main mysteries in the show’s first three episodes. Little information is provided in the episodes on the father of Imogen’s child. Here are our top hypotheses on Imogen’s pregnancy and the father of the child if you’re hunting for answers!

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How Did Imogen Get Pregnant in PLL OS

How Did Imogen Conceive?

Imogen Adams, the daughter of Davie Adams, is introduced to viewers in the first episode of the new television show, “Chapter One: Spirit Week.” Imogen is played by actress Bailee Madison in “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.” Madison’s portrayal of Sophia Quinn in “The Fosters” is likely what makes her most well-known. She has also appeared in the movies “A Week Away” and “The Strangers: Prey at Night.” Imogen, played by Madison in the series, is already pregnant when we first meet her.

A month after her mother’s passing, Imogen is said to be six months pregnant when she resumes her studies. Viewers witness Imogen at a party that her then-best friend Karen was throwing in a flashback. Imogen is not expecting to be at the celebration. However, Greg, Karen’s boyfriend, gives Imogen a kiss at the gathering. After the party, Imogen most certainly got pregnant. Imogen’s pregnancy’s precise circumstances, however, are still unknown at this time. In order for viewers to grasp the truth about the situation, more flashbacks will be required.

Who Is the Father of Imogen’s Child

Who Is the Father of Imogen Child?

In the first three episodes of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin,” the father of Imogen’s child is a closely kept secret. In the first episode, Imogen declares her wish to abort the kid when she returns to school. During a conversation with the school nurse, Imogen claims that the child’s father won’t assist in raising the child. It is, therefore, clear that Imogen and the child’s father do not get along. Furthermore, a tragic event is probably what caused Imogen to become pregnant.

Greg might be the father of the child after making moves toward Imogen during Karen’s party. But if that had been the case, Karen would have brought it up while she and Imogen were arguing. Greg cannot be a candidate, so we can discard him. The sexual assault might have been the cause of Imogen’s pregnancy. Tyler had taken advantage of a drunk Karen and sexually assaulted her. This shows that Tyler may have sexually assaulted Imogen, resulting in Imogen’s being pregnant.

According to another notion concerning her pregnancy and the father of her child, Imogen may have had an illicit relationship with someone whose name she cannot publicly use. Given that Imogen is a juvenile, finding out the father’s identity would get the enigma into legal problems. Consequently, Imogen and one of her instructors were probably romantically involved. The plot twist would be similar to Aria and Ezra’s connection in the first season of “Pretty Little Liars.” The theory, therefore, has some validity. In the end, only time will reveal who the biological father of Imogen’s child is.

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