Who was Steve Banerjee in “Welcome to Chippendales”? What was his Nakin Deal with Nick De Noia?

Steve Banerjee and Nick De Noia’s Napkin Deal explained

Who was Steve Banerjee in “Welcome to Chippendales”? What was Steve Banerjee’s Nakin Deal with Nick De Noia? – There are many true crime programmes available, and Welcome to Chippendales on Hulu adds to the selection by telling the bizarre story of Steve Banerjee and the volatile history of the club, Chippendales. The story of greed, power, and jealousy led to the plan to murder several people. It traces the formation of the club and Banerjee’s fall. In the show’s sixth episode, Banerjee signs a contract with Nick De Noia, leaving Steve feeling misled. It stars Kumail Nanjiani as Banerjee and Murray Bartlet as Banerjee’s partner and eventual enemy, Nick De Noia. What was the contract, and what did it mean, exactly?

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Who Was Somen Steve Banerjee

Who Was Somen “Steve” Banerjee?

Somen “Steve” Banerjee founded and expanded the Chippendales club into a multi-million dollar business. Before the 1980s, it was unheard of to have a strip club where the males strip while the women watch, but that is still the case today. To achieve his goals, Banerjee, an immigrant from Mumbai, India, allegedly converted the bar Destiny II into a male strip club in 1979. Read Scot, a former Chippendales performer outlined the groundbreaking aspects of the club for ABC:

I believe that because of its popularity, women now have access to the same kinds of entertainment options that men have enjoyed for years. They could act like males and be obnoxious, impolite, and profane.

The Chippendales prospered and began touring around Europe and the US in the 1980s. Along with the permanent clubs in New York, Dallas, and Denver, there was also an inaugural club in Los Angeles. However, with popular ideas come copycats, and this scenario got crazier as more clubs like his arose, increasing rivalry.

Steve Banerjee and Nick DeNoia struck a deal over a napkin.

Banerjee sought Nick DeNoia’s assistance to expand the business. Before joining the Chippendales, DeNoia was an Emmy-winning producer and choreographer. Since they had different artistic objectives for the show, according to ABC 7, there was a great deal of conflict between the two. They apparently came to an agreement on a napkin as a result.

The deal, according to ABC, granted Banerjee control over the business while handling DeNoia ownership of the trip. But as time passed, it became clear that this transaction was a major cause of conflict between the two. According to Scott Garriola, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, the most lucrative component of the business was the tour, and Banerjee had started to worry because of DeNoia’s success. An associate producer at Chippendales, Candace Mayeron, provided the following explanation in the documentary Curse of the Chippendales:

Banerjee was driven by resentment that Nick was receiving credit for Chippendales and receiving only half of the door. Nick’s capacity to handle all the attention made him envious.

What was the napkin agreement between Nick De Noia and Steve Banerjee

What was the deal that Steve Banerjee and Nick De Noia made on a Napkin? Explained

Steve, the proprietor of Chippendales, treated Nick like a regular employee. But Nick believed he was the Chippendales’ MVP. Without him and his procedures, the entire business would have shut down as soon as it had opened. Nick eventually took action to achieve his goal of being taken seriously. In November 1984, Nick proposed that Chippendales be extended.

He offered to launch a branch in New York and proposed the idea of a travelling business. He requested an ongoing 50 percent cut of the profits made by the touring firm. One of the original Chippendales dancers, Dan Peterson, was also present at this event. He talked about the particulars of the meeting on the third episode of the Welcome to Your Fantasy podcast.

“Nick essentially asked Steve if he would always be the host of a travelling show. Banerjee believed it would prolong Chippendales while not understanding what “perpetuity” meant. That was how it started. Nick De Noia scribbled on a napkin, “I have the right to take Chippendales on the road, and I own this in perpetuity.” It was also signed by Banerjee, according to Peterson. He was the witness when Steve and Nick signed the contract on a cocktail napkin.

Steve didn’t know what the term “in perpetuity” meant, according to Peterson. He later revealed to me. At the time, Nick De Noia reportedly said, “I have the right, I own this software.” He even mentioned that Dan was present when you signed the contract. Banerjee said, “I didn’t sign the contract for that.” “And I answered, “No, you signed an agreement,” the former Chippendales member continued.

For your information, in a legal contract, the phrase “in perpetuity” designates something that will last for a very long time. There was no mention of the contract’s expiration in the exchange between Steve and Nick. Steve may have closed the purchase while he was the owner of Chippendales for a limited period of time. For a set duration, Nick De Noia might be given 50/50 rights. He would have had to legally renounce his part when the contract expired, regardless of what transpired with the touring company.

When the contract expired, he and Steve would have gone through everything again and drafted a new contract with a new expiration date. This would have offered Steve the chance to change the terms of their agreement the second time around, considering how profitable the entire arrangement was for the company. However, he erred by avoiding talking to his lawyer. Nick De Noia would always be entitled to receive half of the group’s earnings because to the contract’s inclusion of the phrase “in perpetuity,” regardless of whether he left the Chippendales or the touring industry.

When Steve realised what he had done, it was too late. In an effort to capitalise on the idea of touring, he sent his own tours. On the other hand, Nick De Noia filed a lawsuit against him for it because it violated the arrangement they had previously established. Nick triumphs in court as expected, which enrages Steve even more. Nick De Noia was now Steve’s partner and his employee.

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