Selling the OC: Why Did Alexandra Rose and Kayla Clash with Each Other?

Why did Alexandra Rose and Kayla clash with each other in the premiere episode

Why did Alexandra Rose and Kayla clash with each other in the premiere episode? – On August 24, 2022, at 3 am ET, eight binge-worthy episodes of Selling the OC were released on Netflix. The Selling Sunset franchise, which chronicles the business and social dynamics of the Oppenheim Group and its realtors, now includes the series.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim, twins, have expanded their company to Orange County, adding even more experienced real estate salespeople to their new ensemble. These include Sean Palmieri, Tyler Stanaland, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, Alexandra Jarvis, Alex Hall, and Alexandra Rose.

Even though they share an office, there has been a lot of drama in the series due to specific “office cliques” and “office politics.”

Two cast members, Kayla and Alexandra Rose, fought at the office launch party in the Selling The OC season premiere. The two initially got along well, but by the episode’s conclusion, some problems between them led to a major blowout.

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What Transpired in Selling the OC Episode 1 Between Kayla and Alexandra Rose?

At Alex Hall’s pizza party, The Selling the OC, cast members analysed dynamics and ended personal and professional relationships. They agreed that they emit “strange energy when they walk in” after discussing the friendship between Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis. At this point, Kayla seized the chance to confront Alexandra Rose and discuss their tense bond.

The conversation between Kayla and Alexandra Rose about their early friendship switched to Alexandra Rose and Alexandra Jarvis discussing the same subject. Rose admitted that when they first started working at the brokerage, she and Kayla had a blast. She claimed that the latter ended up forming a friendship with the other girls, which “gave out terrible vibrations and bad energy.”

Rose claimed that after teaching Kayla what she knew, Kayla started using her. Jarvis added that the other women were likely envious of the two’s collaboration.

On the other hand, Kayla stated that Rose had disparaged the cast, including her current close friend and fellow Selling the OC participant Alexandra Jarvis. Kayla continued by calling Rose a “b***ch” as well.

At this point, Kayla decided to phone Jason Oppenheim and ask him to handle Alexandra’s situation. What bothered her, in her opinion, was the fact that Jason confronted Rose.

Rose also believed that in order to obtain more listings, the other agents at the agency had created allegations about her having relations with developers.

Alexandra Rose uttered the following: 

They have no idea what I’ve done to get where I am. I’ve been in the business for 3.5 years. When I first started, I door knocked, I cold called alone..I mean, I hit the pavement. They have no idea..the homes I’ve sold, who my clients the fact that they’re doing that is just..they’re f***ing jealous.”

At the office launch party, Kayla and the other cast members decided to approach Rose. There, Rose accused Alex and Polly of starting the rumours before confronting Kayla about the problems the two of them were experiencing. Alex denied everything, but Rose was charged with lying to the other cast members of Selling the OC.

Rose and Kayla both engaged in a personal conversation to resolve their differences. Rose expressed disappointment that Kayla didn’t speak to her directly while the former confronted the latter for disparaging the other cast members. Instead of asking Jason to handle things, she said Kayla could have spoken with her.

Even though the matter had been resolved, neither of them was entirely comfortable working with the other again soon.

You can stream all episodes of “Selling the OC” on Netflix.

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