Winning Time Episode 6 ‘Momento Mori’ Recap and Ending Explained

Winning Time Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

Paul Westhead of Winning Time isn’t someone you’d describe as foresighted. The Lakers assistant coach’s one expression, as played by Jason Segel, is that of a man glancing up from tying his shoe just in time to see a bus slam into him. The only thing he can anticipate is that no one will pronounce his first name correctly. So it’s no surprise that Westhead waltzes into McKinney’s office, pretending to be upset about being stood up for their tennis match, after last week’s episode ended with Coach Jack McKinney having a tragic bicycle accident while on his way to play doubles with Westhead. It’s not McKinney in McKinney’s chair, though; it’s colour commentator Pat Riley, who was studying last night’s game footage and evaluating it despite only being able to get a few phrases in between Chick Hearn’s suffocating play-by-play. They receive a phone call that will transform both men’s life after a prophetic conversation on apprentices vs. masters: Jack McKinney is in the hospital and barely alive.

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In the sixth episode of ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,’ the LA Lakers confront their most formidable challenge yet. The team is in jeopardy after Head Coach Jack McKinney’s accident, and a challenging game is on the horizon.

As a result, Paul Westhead, McKinney’s assistant, is catapulted into the spotlight and compelled to take command of the team. Westhead, on the other hand, must first lose his mild-mannered demeanour and show that he can be trusted during this trying period.

Nonetheless, considering the Lakers’ stellar start under McKinney, doubts about the team’s capacity to succeed without him have been raised. If you’re curious whether the Los Angeles Lakers will prove the doubters wrong, here’s everything you need to know about episode 6 of ‘Winning Time’!

Winning Time Episode 6 Explained

Recap of Winning Time Episode 6

Paul Westhead is waiting for Jack McKinney to play tennis in the sixth episode, titled ‘Momento Mori.’ He receives a call, though, about McKinney’s accident and hurries to the hospital. Meanwhile, Magic Johnson meets with representatives from a number of shoe companies who want to hire him as their brand ambassador. Magic, on the other hand, is displeased when they reveal that they are all talking to Magic’s competitor, Larry Bird.

Phil Knight, the co-founder of a fledgling Nike, on the other side, dazzles Magic with an innovative shoe design. He does not, however, have a large sum of money to donate. Despite this, Knight offers Magic $1 for each pair of shoes sold, as well as 100,000 shares in the company.

Magic meets with Dr. Day later to talk about his finances and choose a shoe sponsor. When Jerry Buss discovers that his mother paid the vendors from a closed bank account, he tries to persuade the Great Western Bank to extend their loan agreement. When Buss goes to check on his mother, he notices that she has dementia.

McKinney’s accident is also brought to the attention of the Lakers’ administration. When Buss arrives at the hospital, he discovers that McKinney will be unable to coach the team in their upcoming game against the Denver Nuggets. As a result, he entrusts the task to assistant coach Paul Westhead.

Westhead is doubtful whether he is up to the task, but he is thrust into the spotlight and forced to speak with the press before he can think about it. When the squad learns of McKinney’s accident, their morale suffers as well. The plot revolves around how Westhead and the LA Lakers deal with the tragedy of McKinney’s accident.

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Winning Time Episode 6 Recap and Ending

Winning Time Episode 6 Ending: Do the LA Lakers Win Without McKinney?

Throughout the episode, Westhead tries to match McKinney’s brilliance by devising a game plan for the next game versus Denver. To mark Denver’s star player, he must decide whether to start Haywood or Cooper. Before the game, Westhead declares that Cooper will start and Haywood will be benched after the latter makes some disparaging remarks about the new coach.

To honour their injured coach, the Lakers band together and strive to win the game. The episode, however, closes without disclosing the game’s outcome. Instead, the action moves to a hospital, where McKinney is awakened by Westhead, who informs him that the Lakers had already played Denver.

The LA Lakers did, in fact, win their first game under Paul Westhead. With a final score of 126–122, the club defeated the Denver Nuggets by four points in overtime. The squad would go on to have a strong start under Westhead, who guided the LA Lakers to five wins in his first six games as interim head coach.

Because of their tough training, hard effort, and dedication to McKinney’s style of play, the team ultimately establishes that it can compete with or without McKinney on the sidelines. Westhead, on the other hand, puts his own stamp on things and continues to lead the Lakers to new heights in the standings.

Winning Time Episode 6 Recap

Does Cindy’s Relationship With Magic End?

Magic sees his potential as a brand in this episode, as numerous shoemakers vie for his signature. As Magic’s financial situation improves, he enlists the assistance of Dr. Thomas Day to help him manage his finances.

Meanwhile, Magic is dating Cindy, Day’s daughter, who also works as Magic’s publicist. Magic, on the other hand, becomes irritated with Cindy’s attitude as she attempts to portray herself and Magic as an ideal couple by interfering in all of his decisions.

Cindy continues to behave herself, despite Magic’s declaration that he is not interested in a meaningful relationship. Without getting Magic’s permission, she sends flowers to McKinney’s hospital. Magic, on the other hand, recognises that Cindy just likes him because of his celebrity and decides to end their relationship. He checks with Dr. Day, though, to assure that the decision has no impact on their working relationship.

In the end, Magic ends his relationship with Cindy and pursues Cookie romantically. Magic sends Cookie a few tickets to the LA Lakers’ upcoming game in Detroit at the end of the episode. Cookie smiles as she accepts the tickets, implying that she, too, is eager to reunite with Magic.

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