Winning Time: Where is Magic Johnson’s Wife Cookie Today?

Where is Magic Johnson’s Wife Cookie Now

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,’ which premieres on HBO in March 2022, takes viewers back to the 1980s by tracking the Los Angeles Lakers’ supremacy in the NBA, ushering in a new age and a playstyle that was both effective and entertaining.

The draught of Earvin “Magic” Johnson by the Lakers is one of the show’s main themes. Magic’s early childhood is chronicled in the series, as is his connection with Earleatha “Cookie” Kelly, whom he later married.

So, how about we learn a little more about her?

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Who is Earleatha “Cookie” Kelly

Where Is Earleatha “Cookie” Kelly These Day?

Cookie was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. She was the middle child born to Earl and Cora. Cookie, like Magic, grew up in a large and loving family, and she spent a lot of time with her relatives.

Cookie grew up in a place where racial tensions were prevalent, but she was mostly protected from them. “I don’t recall any [racist] incidences,” she remarked. We spent much of our time in our small black space. We might go to the store and encounter white individuals. “It was all about the cousins.”

Cookie’s family moved to Detroit, Michigan when she was about six years old. While they were both students at Michigan State University, she met Magic there. Their on-again, off-again love ended in marriage in September 1991.

They have a son, EJ, and in 1995, they adopted a girl, Elisa. Andre, Magic’s son from a previous relationship with Melissa Mitchell, was born in 1981.

Magic was diagnosed with HIV 45 days after Cookie and Magic married, and their lives were permanently transformed.

Cookie described her initial reaction in an interview, stating, “It terrified me to death.” I mean, I was brought to my knees. I didn’t have time to get enraged or start asking inquiries about whatever had happened. ‘He’s probably going to die,’ I thought to myself. In 1991, there wasn’t a lot of knowledge.”

The pair, on the other hand, worked their way through the rollercoaster and emerged stronger than ever.

Cookie was pregnant with their son, EJ, at the time, and was relieved to learn that they had both tested negative.

“I was still trying to figure it out,” she said when she found out EJ was gay. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I knew he was gay back then because I didn’t.

I had a feeling this was what made him happy. And it never changed as time passed.”

What Happened to Earleatha “Cookie” Kelly And Where Is She Now?

Cookie, Magic said, has always been in his corner and has always supported him. “God let me know why I married her, why he brought us together,” he explained.

When I get here [home], I know I’m not Magic. Earvin is my name. We’re still those Michigan kids. “I can only hope to be as good as Cookie.”

She chronicled her experience with Magic’s diagnosis and how she dealt with the different changes in her life throughout her marriage in her autobiography, ‘Believing in Magic.’

Cookie also founded a denim firm, but it was rumoured to have failed after only six years. Apart from appearances as a motivational speaker, the pair now lives in Beverly Hills, California, where she spends time with friends and family.

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