‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ Ending Explained and Review

'Wrong Side of the Tracks' Ending Explained and Review

‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ Ending Explained and Review – It’s unusual to see a pulpy show with a rich tale that makes it look and feel like a prestige TV show. However, three years ago, David Bermejo demonstrated that it could be done via Unauthorized Living. He’s back with a new narrative set in a Madrid neighbourhood that’s on the decline but hasn’t fully fallen due to one very enraged individual.

Netflix’s crime thriller ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks,’ created by David Bermejo, follows ex-army captain Tirso Abantos, who becomes engaged with local drug lord Sandro after his granddaughter Irene is injured by Sandro’s men. The Spanish series, originally named ‘Entrevas,’ follows Tirso’s efforts to defend Irene and her boyfriend Nelson from Sandro’s gang.

The show, which stars Jose Coronado as Tirso and Nona Sobo as Irene, is a fascinating experience with a fantastic finish. We took a close look at the events that conclude the first season of the show because they are intriguing. Let us discuss our ideas!

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'Wrong Side of the Tracks' Recap

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 1 Recap

Tirso Abantos’ birthday is the start of ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks.’ His son, daughter, and family get together, only for the get-together to devolve into a dispute over Tirso’s riches. Irene, Tirso’s adopted daughter, phones him later to rescue her from “the block,” a notorious portion of Tirso’s neighbourhood known as Entrevas. In a fit of rage, the ex-army captain discovers a pack of heroin in Irene’s bag and disposes of it.

His granddaughter informs him that she and her boyfriend Nelson are being pursued by Sandro, the local drug king. If Nelson does not return the pack, the drug lord orders Ezequiel, a cop who works for him, to kill him.

Irene goes to see Sandro to settle the dispute, but she is raped by his men. Ezequiel, who adores Nelson’s mother Gladys, threatens Nelson with eviction if he wants to stay in the neighbourhood. When Sandro finds Nelson isn’t dead, he demands money from Ezequiel to make things right.

The cop pays Sandro to stop him from injuring Nelson for Gladys’ sake. However, the latter learns that Sandro’s men assaulted his girlfriend. To burn down Sandro’s drug distribution hub, he joins forces with Tirso and his two cronies, Pepe and Sanchs.

Sandro, enraged, strips Ezequiel and forces him to walk around the neighbourhood as a statement. Ezequiel persuades Tirso to aid him in bringing down Sandro. Amanda, Ezequiel’s superior, succeeds in temporarily arresting Sandro to show him that he isn’t invincible. Tirso and his two companions try to locate Sandro’s drugs in order to destroy them in retaliation for hurting Irene.

They come to uncover a big amount of cash during their hunt and throw it away in front of a food bank without exposing their names. Irene begins to take oxycodone to cope with her experiences.

Ezequiel teams up with Nata and her lover Loko to burn down Sandro’s drug stash. Loko hesitates at first, but eventually learns that he must defeat Sandro in order to become the next drug boss. They find the supply’s supposed location, and Loko travels there, only to be killed by Sandro’s men.

Nelson breaks up with Irene, believing that he is to blame for all of her troubles. He tells Irene that he alerted Tirso about her drug addiction and that she must keep away from him and the dangers he has created if she is to recover.

When Yeyo discovers the true identities of the Robin Hood gang and that Ezequiel is among them, Ezequiel tries to flee Entrevas. He eventually decides against eloping and goes to Amanda to report Sandro’s help. If he rejoins Sandro’s gang as a spy to track down “the Phantom,” an unidentified drug king who is more powerful than Sandro, Amanda promises him freedom from arrest.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending

Is Sandro Dead at the End of Wrong Side of the Tracks? Who Murdered him?

Yes, Sandro is no longer alive. Nata intends to get vengeance on Sandro’s soldiers after they kill Loko. She asks Nelson for assistance, but he tells her that he can’t become involved in any more difficulties. He understands that he must be with Irene during this difficult moment. Nelson’s mind is changed when Nelson and Irene break up.

When his lover leaves with her mother, out of reach of Sandro, he joins forces with Nata. She disguises herself as a drug lord and goes to La Rosa to kill him, but she abandons her plot when the latter’s bodyguard recognises her. She runs away from the club, leaving her gun in a bag.

Meanwhile, Nelson enters the club wearing a hoodie. When Sandro becomes involved with Ezequiel, he kills him. Sandro has been nothing but a life destroyer, in Nelson’s opinion. He is the perpetrator of Irene’s sexual assault, which leads to her drug addiction and, eventually, Nelson’s split with her.

Nelson’s rage against the drug lord grows with Loko’s death. He accompanies Nata to watch the end of the drug lord when he sees Irene is far away from him and Sandro is protected by her mother.

Nata succeeds in amending her relationship with Loko before Sandro orders his death. Loko even tells her that he is ready to take on the challenge of becoming the future Lord of Entrevas. Sandro undermines both her relationship and her ambitions by killing Loko. Her choice to kill Sandro isn’t solely motivated by her desire to avenge her boyfriend’s killer.

She wants Sandro’s throne to control the neighborhood’s drug culture, just like she imagined with her boyfriend. Nata ensures that Sandro’s throne is not unachievable with the help of Nelson.

Is Gladys Dead or Alive

Wrong Side of the Tracks Ending Explained: Is Gladys Alive or Dead?

Gladys has survived. Without looking at Yeyo, Tirso passes over the key to his hardware business to Santi. Santi enters the store and proceeds downstairs, only to find Yeyo bound to a chair. He sets Yeyo free without realising who he is. A freed Yeyo binds Tirso’s son to the chair and flees to find Sandro, who will expose the Robin Hood members’ names.

He spots Tirso at Pepe’s pub and tries to stab him to death. When Gladys sees him, she rushes to help Tirso but is wounded by Yeyo. Gladys is saved because an ambulance arrives quickly on the scene.

Meanwhile, Tirso is gentle with Gladys, who adores him. She hesitates when Ezequiel tells her that they can escape from the neighbourhood with a large sum of money to whatever country she wants. Despite her protests, Ezequiel recognises that she is in love with someone else. Tirso, on the other hand, begins to show her more respect and consideration.

Before the ambulance arrives, he stops calling her “Panchito” and enjoys a nice moment with her. Even though they do not get together, Tirso’s perspective is changing, and he is considering Gladys as a partner.

Do Tirso and Irene Reconnect

Do Tirso and Irene Get Back Together?

Tirso and Irene do get back together. Tirso loses faith in himself after learning that his granddaughter is abusing drugs. He believes he is no longer capable of caring for her. He contacts Jimena to take Irene away from him, believing that all of her tragedies, from sexual assault to drug addiction, occurred while she was under his supervision.

Irene, who will be sent to a boarding school in Switzerland, attempts but fails to protest Tirso’s choice. She departs with her mother, severing her links with Tirso in a fit of rage.

Irene, on the other hand, is shaken by reports of someone attempting to murder Tirso. She rushes over to her grandfather to check on him. Irene is aware that her grandfather has always stood by her side.

The lengths to which he has gone to avenge her by burning down Sandro’s drug distribution hub and stealing his money have calmed her rage against Tirso. Irene’s fury is further melted by Yeyo’s attempt to assassinate Tirso, and she rushes to her grandfather to bond.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 1 Review

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 1 Review

Wrong Side Of The Tracks is directed by David Bermejo, who also directed the popular Unauthorized Living; in fact, both Coronado and Zahera from that show reprise their roles in this new drama. And, like with the previous show, he crams so much story into each episode that it moves along despite the length (the first episode is 80 minutes long).

It’s a pulpy subject that’s been given numerous layers to give it a prestige TV polish, just like the prior programme. The major plot is around Tirso’s attempt to keep Irene out of the clutches of his neighborhood’s drug dealers, and what he does when he fails. There’s also the fact that he’s a tough man who has grown resentful over the years, but he has individuals who are loyal to him from his service. He’s also concerned about how poorly his children appear to be handling their own households.

But none of this is intended to make Tirso appear caring. He doesn’t mind calling Irene “Chinese“, despite the fact that she is Vietnamese, but he’s no better than the rest of the world. He had his problems as a father raising his children after their mother died, but it appears that they still have a connection to him.

He’s a grumpy, pessimistic person who says exactly what’s on his mind, no matter how nasty it is. However, he appears to be the only one who is concerned that his area is being taken over by crooks.

Ezequiel, on the other hand, believes he has a handle on the neighborhood’s crime scene because he is involved on both sides of the fence. But it appears that the fight between Nelson and Sandro will put that to the test. As the story progresses, it appears like he and Tirso will have a tense relationship, but we’ll see how long that lasts as things spiral out of hand.

Coronado is so convincing as the hardened Tirso that you assume his hostility is genuine. But Sobo is an unexpectedly good foil for him, and she doesn’t initially portray Irene as someone who requires his assistance. We’re also hoping to see more sequences featuring Zahera and Coronado together.

The rich tale of Wrong Side Of The Tracks is bolstered by a lead performance from Coronado that makes you genuinely care for the show’s most cruelly acerbic character.

You can stream Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 1 Episodes on Netflix.

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