Zombies 3: Is Bucky an Alien?

Is Bucky an Alien in Zombies 3

Is Bucky an Alien in Zombies 3? – The world of Seabrook is expanded in Disney’s “Zombies 3,” which also prominently features aliens. It delves into Addison’s past, exposing stunning details about her mother and grandmother while also explaining why she is the only person in Seabrook with white hair. As it turns out, her grandmother was an alien, making her biologically half-alien. 

While this explains a lot about Addison, it raises a concern about who her cousin Bucky really is. If Addison and Bucky share a grandmother, Bucky might also share Addison’s traits. What does Bucky’s family tree revelation signify for him? Let’s investigate.

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Is Bucky an Alien

Is Bucky an Aliens or not?

It was immediately apparent that Allison was unique among everyone in Seabrook. When she proudly declares that she has white hair and is no longer going to cover it, it was initially hinted at in “Zombies.” Although it isn’t explicitly stated in the movie, Bucky in “Zombies 3” might as well be an alien. In “Zombies 3,” it is discovered that her grandmother was an alien who arrived in Seabrook in search of a new home for her people, explaining the cause behind her strange hair color.

She passed on to her daughter, Missy, who had been concealing it to blend in with others, the trait of having white hair after spending too much time away from her home surroundings.

Given that Missy and Addison both have white hair, it turns out that a person’s hair color plays a significant role in establishing whether or not they are an alien. Bucky’s hair is naturally black, which is unfortunate for him. So it appears that despite sharing the same grandmother as Addison, he did not inherit the extraterrestrial genes.

This truth is further demonstrated when the others inquire about why his hair is not white like Addison’s just before the graduation ceremony. He affirms that the reason is that he is not an alien, in contrast to his cousin. He is “a fabulously fabulous, ordinary, awesome individual who is exceptionally normal.” His friends reassure him that they would have accepted him regardless of his differences.

While Bucky might not be an alien, he is unquestionably a motivated person, and his lack of alien status will not prevent him from exploring the cosmos. He is seen alone boarding the spaceship and embarking on an adventure during the closing credits. Since it was previously established that only aliens could access their spaceship, this also adds an intriguing twist to his identity.

Even though Zed wants to travel with them, they refuse to let him since they are confident he won’t be able to handle traveling at high speeds. Zed wants to be with Addison. However, Bucky doesn’t appear concerned about it. So, either he is an alien or he is unaware that he will most likely perish on that vessel. The latter, in our opinion, is a more likely scenario. It took some time for Addison’s alien nature to emerge.

She needs the ideal setting for the development of her abilities. So it’s probable that Bucky’s alien nature is likewise concealed; it will likely become apparent now that he’s in the spaceship and nearer the aliens’ habitat. Therefore, even though we don’t see Bucky change, we can’t rule out the possibility that he is actually an alien.

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