Landscapers: Susan Edwards and Christopher Edwards: Where Did They Live? Susan’s Parents Were Buried Where?

Susan and Christopher Edwards Buried

Landscapers,’ directed by Ed Sinclair, examines the murders of Patricia and William Wycherley with dark humor, an art-house approach, and a deep dive into Susan and Christopher Edwards’ psyche.

The series follows the Edwards’ lives before and after the murders of the Wycherley’s and their motivations for carrying out such heinous acts.

The HBO series, like any good true-crime show, focuses on the Edwards’ environment in an attempt to understand why they chose to live a life of crime.

The murder scene and the locations where the Edwards lived emerge as significant contexts that provide light on their actions over a 15-year period.

If you’ve ever wondered where Susan and Christopher lived or where Patricia and William were buried, we’ve got the answers.



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Susan Edwards and Christopher Edwards: Where Did They Live?

Susan and Christopher Edwards lived in Dagenham, an East London district where they were surrounded by working-class residents.

It was a little council flat on the top floor of a building on a quiet street that they were renting.

Their home was filled with Hollywood memorabilia, souvenirs, and treasures. The Edwards, like the Wycherley’s, did not interact with the people around them.

“Because no one actually knew them [Susan and Christopher], the murders didn’t affect anyone.” What are your options for dealing with recluses?

One of the couple’s former neighbours admitted, “I’ve had more talks with the new couple who moved in recently than I did in the 30-odd years they lived there.”

Patricia and William Wycherley were murdered by Susan, a former librarian, and Christopher, a bookkeeper, over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend in 1998.

They pretended Susan’s parents were still living for more than a decade after that.

The Edwards stole the elderly couple’s pensions and assets by forging their signatures; the money was used to buy pricey Hollywood memorabilia, such as signed Gary Cooper posters and photographs.

Susan and Christopher Edwards House

“I know they [Susan and Christopher] used to collect things because they used to have packages delivered to them.”

She would never open the door if the postman came. Another former neighbour, who used to live across the street from the Edwards in Dagenham, said, “One of my old neighbours used to get pretty worried about the lady because we never used to see her much, and we knew she was in there.”

“And if they did stroll down the street, she’d be walking behind him, not in front of him.”

In 2012, when the Department of Work and Pensions attempted to contact William to schedule a meeting for his 100th birthday, the Edwards panicked and flew to Lille, France.

They stayed for a year and struggled financially since they couldn’t access the money they had taken. They chose to return to England in October 2013 to face the police.

Susan told the police and the judge that her mother had murdered her father and then provoked her into shooting her.

She further claimed that Christopher was only told about the murders a week later and that the couple drove from Dagenham to Mansfield to bury the bodies.

The Edwards, on the other hand, were thought to have slain and buried the Wycherley’s on the same weekend, according to the Nottingham Crown Court.

Furthermore, it was speculated that Christopher was the one who shot the elderly couple.

The Edwards had promptly started stealing the Wycherleys’ money following their death and spent almost all of the stolen funds on Hollywood memorabilia.

Therefore money was thought to be the key motive. In 2014, the pair were found guilty of murder.

Susan Edwards’ Parents Buried

Susan Edwards’ Parents Were Buried Where?

Patricia and William, Susan’s parents, were wrapped in a blanket and buried a meter beneath their own back garden at 2 Blenheim Close, Forest Town, Nottinghamshire.

Early in the morning, the remains were carried from the upstairs bedroom to the lawn behind the home.

In 1998, neighbours said they saw Christopher digging a waist-high trench in the garden. Furthermore, the Edwards admitted in court that they had indeed buried the Wycherley’s.

After the initial excavation discovered a cable that would have made the grave impossible to utilise, Christopher admitted to digging a second hole.

It’s worth noting that the couple confessed to manslaughter rather than murder.

After Christopher’s stepson called her from France, Elizabeth Edwards, Christopher’s stepmother, contacted the police and informed them about the bodies in the yard.

Christopher had disclosed to Elizabeth that he had buried Susan’s parents’ remains in 1998 in order to get money from her.

The Wycherleys were examined by the police, who were unable to locate them, before excavating the garden of their former home, which was now occupied by Sue Bramley and her family.

The two remains were discovered when a huge team meticulously dug up the garden.

Susan and Christopher used to go to the Wycherleys’ Mansfield house on a regular basis to help with the garden, gutter cleaning, and general upkeep.

However, in an attempt to pay off their large debts, the couple sold the semi-detached house in 2005.

After the Wycherleys’ bodies were discovered, they were given a suitable funeral, and their remains were cremated.

Sue and her family were still living in the Mansfield house in 2014, despite the Edwards’ case’s upheaval.