Filming Locations and Cast Information for Lifetime’s Christmas Movie Magic (2021)

Christmas Movie Magic

Cinema is a fantastic leveller; it not only generates magic on screen, but it also gives the holidays a new lease on life.

The central character of Lifetime’s ‘Christmas Movie Magic,’ entertainment journalist Alli Blakeman, learns it the hard way.

The romance film, directed by Robert Vaughn, follows Alli on her quest to learn more about a cult classic Christmas film.

Her search will take her to the small town where the movie was shot.

Fortunately, Alli receives assistance from Brad, the proprietor of the local theatre organisation.

The storey behind the Christmas film becomes even more fascinating as the history is revealed.

If you enjoy holiday movies and the Christmas season, you won’t find a greater combination than this Lifetime production!

However, you might wish to learn more about the cast and the location of the little town where the movie was shot.

Let us share everything we know in that instance!

Filming Locations for the Christmas Movie Magic

The entire film ‘Christmas Movie Magic‘ was shot in Canada, particularly in the province of Ontario.

Filming took place in the spring of 2021, according to reports. Despite the fact that the majority of the film takes place in the fictional New York little town of White Falls, director Robert Vaughn and his crew appear to have discovered greener pastures in Canada.

The Canadian province of Ontario has a diverse range of scenery, from hilly terrains to picturesque cities and coastline stretches, all of which are perfect for filmmaking.

Furthermore, the provincial government’s tax credit scheme is the cherry on top, as it significantly reduces production costs. Let us now take you to the film’s unique locales!

The majority of the film was shot in Hamilton, a large port city in southern Ontario. It is roughly 45 minutes from downtown Toronto and is located at the western tip of Lake Ontario.

The cast and crew were given a full tour of the city by the director. Because some of the team members were from the province, they were able to film in some lesser-known spots while still honouring the more famous ones.

Some key scenes were shot at The Westdale, Hamilton’s sole single-screen movie theatre, located at 1014 King Street West.

The art-deco style architecture of the theatre, which opened in 1935, is a proud relic of a bygone period, but it is still operational.

Scenes were also shot on King Street and in Hamilton’s Lower City district.

Christmas Movie Magic (2021) Cast

Alli Blakeman is played by Holly Deveaux, while Brad is played by Drew Seeley.

Seeley’s significant credits include films like ‘Write Before Christmas’ and ‘He Knows Your Every Move,’ while Deveaux has been in TV shows such as ‘Baxter’ and ‘Spun Out.’

Jennifer Gibson (Stacy), Jill Frappier (Margaret), Marcia Bennett (Diane), and Arcade Riley are among the other notable cast members in the Lifetime film (Raymond).

Kaylee Harwood (Lana Murdock), Robin Dunne (Young Walter Andrews), and Georgia Vaughn play supporting roles (Chloe).

When is ‘Christmas Movie Magic’ Release Date?

‘Christmas Movie Magic’ premieres on Lifetime on Tuesday, December 7 at 8/7c.

What is the storyline of the film?

According to Lifetime, the official synopsis says, “When Alli Blakeman (Holly Deveaux) is given a story about the 25th anniversary of a great Christmas film in the little town where it was shot, she agrees on the proviso that it could lead to a significant promotion.

When she meets Brad (Drew Seeley), a local theatre owner, they untangle the mystery roots of the film’s famous song, and Alli realises that movie magic isn’t simply on-screen.”

Christmas Movie Magic (2021) Writer/Director

Rickie Castaneda and Megan Hocking wrote the script, which is directed by Robert Vaughn.

Executive producers include Lewis Chesler, David Perlmutter, Robert Vaughn, Julie Di Cresce, Robin Dunne, Fariba Jahanbin, Jennifer Gibson, Alan Mintz, and Marek Posival.