Where did the movie “Christmas With a Crown” (2020) Film? Information on the Cast

Christmas with crown movie

Christmas With a Crown,’ a romantic drama film directed by Dylan Pearce, premiered on Lifetime.

Cassie, a young woman, concerned about the loss of her hometown’s traditional Christmas celebrations, stars in the film.

Cassie runs across Nicolas, a volunteer who is equally enthused about the event as she is when she returns to revive it.

The two grow closer quickly, but Cassie has no idea that Nicolas is a real royal in disguise who wants to immerse himself in the true spirit of the festival season.

The traditional Christmas celebrations and Cassie and Nicolas’ unusual pairing appear to have been shot in locales that aesthetically evoke the holiday season.

If the on-screen romance and Christmastime feel-good feeling have piqued your interest, and you’d like to learn more about the movie’s production and other facts, here’s everything you need to know!

Filming Locations for “Christmas With a Crown”

Alberta was used heavily in the Lifetime film. The gorgeous natural landscapes of the province, which is located in Western Canada, make it a great shooting location.

When it comes to filmmaking, the varied geography and closeness to British Columbia — a significant centre of cinema in North America – work in its advantage.

We decided to delve more into the production’s specifics because we were curious, and here’s what we discovered.

Edmonton [Alberta, Canada]

Edmonton was the location for the Christmas film’s major photography. The city is the capital of Alberta and the core of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Surprisingly, the cast and crew made certain that local people were involved in the film’s production.

Marcus Rosner, who plays Nicolas, enlisted the help of classmates from his former high school’s theatre department as well as his first acting teacher.

St. Albert [Alberta, Canada]

St. Albert was also the location for the Dylan Pearce directed picture. At the European-style Ryan’s Castle, located at 55018 Range Road 265 Sturgeon County, St. Albert, the cast and crew shot a variety of sequences.

Edmonton is around 20 minutes away from the property. Tableaux were made, and the entire venue was richly decorated to give the location a touch of Christmastime and nobility.

Christmas With a Crown Trailer

Christmas With a Crown Official Synopsis

When a successful woman returns to her hometown to revive her family’s Christmas festival, she meets a dashing stranger who’s volunteered to help organize the event.

Directors: Dylan Pearce
Starring: Lisa Durupt, Marcus Rosner, Teryl Rothery
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Producer: Andrew W. Scholotiuk, Michelle Molineux, Michael Lazarovitch, Dylan Pearce
Writer: Michael Varrati
Release Date (Streaming): Nov 30, 2020
Runtime: 1h 29m

The Cast of Christmas With a Crown

The Lifetime film’s star-studded ensemble is led by Lisa Durupt. Cassie, the protagonist, wants to bring her family’s traditional Christmas event back to life.

‘Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas’ and ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever’ are two films in which you may have seen the actress.

Prince Nicolas, Cassie’s love interest, is played by Marcus Rosner. ‘Love Stories in Sunflower Valley‘ and ‘The Killer in the Guest House‘ are two of the actor’s most well-known television roles.

Queen Mary is played by Teryl Rothery, and Arthur is played by Michael Lazarovitch.

‘Sweet Carolina’ is among the former’s acting credits, and ‘Christmas Cupcakes‘ is among the latter’s.

  • John Treleaven (Walt),
  • Diana-Marie Stolz (Melinda),
  • David Ley (Reginald),
  • Dianne Wulf (Sarah),
  • Faith Louissaint (Linda),
  • Jesse Gervais (Ethan).
  • Neil Chase (David),
  • Nimet Kanji (Joan),
  • Ashlee Pearce (Madison),
  • Adeline Pearce (Adeline), and
  • Abby Ferguson (Kristie)