Recap and Explanation of Landscapers Episode 3

Landscapers Episode 3 Recap

The 1998 murders of William and Patricia Wycherley are at the centre of Ed Sinclair’s true-crime show for HBO, ‘Landscapers.’

The lives of Susan and Christopher Edwards come into clear focus as we witness the Mansfield murder case unravel.

Olivia Colman, David Thewlis, Kate O’Flynn, Dipo Ola, and Daniel Rigby star in the limited series, which is directed by Will Sharpe.

In the first two episodes, we see how Susan and Christopher, who are poor, flee France and travel to England to face the police.

Strange and terrible aspects of the Edwardses’ pasts emerge as DC Emma, and DC Paul lead the interrogations.

Susan is forced to talk about her traumatic family history as Christopher admits that his wife had a difficult connection with her parents.

The Edwardses’ dubious financial background and alleged association with Gérard Depardieu are also discovered by the authorities.

As a result of all the fresh information obtained, the police naturally demand more custody time.

As a result, we should expect the miserable British couple’s situation to worsen. So, if you’re seeking for a recap and explanation of ‘Landscapers’ episode 3, you’ve come to the correct spot.


Recap of the Third Episode of Landscapers

During a practise session, Christopher shoots at a pile of cans, which sets the tone for the rest of the show.

“In 2014, Susan and Christopher Edwards were convicted of murder and condemned to a minimum of 25 years in jail,” reads the text onscreen.

They have maintained their innocence to this day.”

Susan talks about her favourite film genres in an old interview. Following that, the Edwardses discuss their favourite actors.

Then, in the present, we find Tabitha discussing Christopher with DC Paul. In a flashback, we witness a frightened Susan soothe a crying Christopher, and she decides to write to Depardieu in the hopes that he will respond and cheer up her husband.

In a different flashback, Christopher is enraged by Susan’s film memorabilia spending.

Then he finds a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions that Susan had hidden from him, requesting an interview with William on his 100th birthday.

This is when we realise the pair has decided to leave England.

Christopher unwittingly provides important information about Susan and how the Wycherleys “stole from her” during the police interview.

Meanwhile, a conversation between Douglas and Susan reveals that the solicitor is well aware of the Edwardses’ great affection for one another.

DC Emma and DC Paul then present Christopher with a box holding his wedding photographs.

In his agitated state, Christopher blurts out crucial facts about Susan and guns. He then shares his personal guns experience.

Later, Susan is informed by DC Emma that the Edwardses are suspected of murdering the Wycherleys for monetary gain.

Susan has an emotional breakdown and refuses Douglas’ advice, so Emma believes the killings were motivated by money.

The sets mysteriously dismantle in the next moments, revealing the show’s backstage. DC Emma leads us to a location where William and Patricia are waiting for us.

Then we discover we’re viewing the police’s perspective of what happened on that fatal night in May 1998.

Susan claims, again in the interrogation room, that her father possessed the murder weapon and was a fan of fascist iconography and Nazis.

Later, Douglas, who believes he made a mistake in the case, attempts and fails to console and upset Susan.

Following that, DCI Griffin congratulates the police department for solving the double murder case and states that the case is now in the hands of the court.

Despite the fact that everyone applauds DC Emma and DC Paul, the former escapes to a quiet spot and phones her father.

A pleased Susan tells Christopher about her horse dream in another flashback. We get photos of the sets and stages as the end credits roll.

Various newscasters’ voices indicate how the cops believe the double murder was motivated by greed and money.

They then talk about how Susan and Christopher acted coldly in front of the authorities. The couple is scheduled to appear before a Crown Court judge on Monday, according to the voiceovers.

Landscapers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

What Does Christopher Reveal During His Interrogation on Landscapers Episode 3?

When Christopher tries to justify Susan’s irrational movie souvenir purchases, he states that she was “trying to buy back the happiness her parents robbed from her.”

Then, as he describes how Susan was emotionally mistreated by the Wycherleys, he unintentionally confesses that they “even stole from her.”

The police are called, and we learn that in the late 1980s, the Wycherleys forced Susan to sign off her half of the rights to their Edgware house because she had begun living with Christopher.

Susan had used an inheritance from her grandfather, who was close to her, to assist her parents in purchasing their home.

Susan’s grandfather, who loved old Westerns, disliked William and decided to leave his money to his granddaughter; he plainly did not trust his daughter, Patricia, and was scared that she would give the inheritance to her husband.

We next watch how Patricia emotionally manipulates Susan into giving up the house in a flashback.

Later, we find Christopher fuming about the Wycherleys’ decision to sell their Edgware house for a huge profit and buy the Mansfield house without paying Susan a thing.

Despite the Edwardses’ insistence on their innocence, the police conclude that the Wycherleys’ murder was motivated by money and that Susan and Christopher grabbed the old couple’s pensions shortly after their deaths in order to reclaim the inheritance they had “taken” in the first instance.

Landscapers Episode 3 Christopher Reveal

What Do The Police Learn About Christopher, Susan, and Guns? Who Was Responsible for the Wycherleys’ deaths?

When DC Emma puts pressure on Christopher by threatening Susan with prison, he confesses that his wife is afraid of guns and hence couldn’t have killed her parents.

As a result, the Edwardses’ carefully constructed storey falls apart. Then Christopher admits that he was a member of a shooting club and owned two valuable pistols.

All of this corresponds to the forensic analysis, which states that, based on the bullet positions, both William and Patricia appear to have been methodically shot at by the same individual.

Christopher, Susan, and Guns

Furthermore, we witness Christopher calmly wield a gun straight at the start of the programme.

Susan appears to be afraid while clutching a gun in the scenes depicting her storey. Later, during the weird on-stage reconstruction of the murder, we see Christopher gently but meticulously shooting the Wycherleys.

As a result, Christopher shares damning details about himself in order to protect his wife. The police naturally conclude that Christopher was the one who shot the Wycherleys.

Why does Christopher Refer To Susan As Fragile?

DC Paul inquires about Christopher’s use of the word “fragile,” which we know he employs to characterise Susan’s demeanour.

Tabitha reveals that her stepson has always found someone vulnerable to look for, whether it’s his mother, brother, David, or eventually his wife, Susan.

As a result, Christopher has a history of attempting to care for the weak and fearful.

A few flashbacks reveal Christopher’s inner turmoil following David’s death. Tabitha informs DC Paul that her stepson had no desire to leave his mother and brother, who had both died tragically young.

Why Does Christopher Use the Word Fragile for Susan

Finally, the older woman says that Christopher is always attempting to help someone but never succeeds.

When DC Emma advises Christopher to quit attempting to help individuals who can’t be helped (such as Susan), he responds, “Nobody in this world is beyond help.”

That is the entire point of existence!” As a result, it’s clear that Christopher is anxious to protect Susan from a world that appears to be trying to get her.

Christopher gets himself into difficulty in an attempt to save his frail wife, who has been tormented by her parents.

As a result, Christopher’s use of the word “fragile” virtually becomes a defence mechanism for his conduct.

Why Are Susan and Christopher So Enthusiastic About Old Hollywood and French Film?

Susan talks about her love of old films, romance films, French films, and, in especially, old Western dramas, which her grandfather used to watch, in an old interview recording.

Then Christopher mentions Gérard Depardieu as a favourite actor, while Susan names John Wayne and Gary Cooper as two of her favourites.

Later, when Christopher is grieving the loss of David, Susan writes to Depardieu to cheer him up.

During the interview, Christopher expresses his surprise at receiving Depardieu’s response and autographed photos; he seems startled that someone as well-known as the French actor is prepared to communicate with ordinary people.

Why Are Susan and Christopher Obsessed With Old Hollywood and French Cinema

He claims that their correspondence lasted for years after that and that he believes Depardieu is the one who is sending him the letters.

The actor’s words are said to have given him strength during his darkest days.

Susan then talks about how she used to go on long walks as a youngster to get away from her parents near the end of the episode.

She would converse with a horse she had named after herself during these outings. Susan envisaged riding the horse away into the wind with Christopher after they married.

She instructs her husband to envision them riding the horse along the horizon, which is the top of the sofa in this scenario.

These graphics are strikingly similar to those seen in classic Western dramas and love films. Susan returns to her world of cinematic fancies whenever she is confronted with a stressful scenario.

Even in France, Susan is seen buying an exorbitantly priced Gary Cooper poster while her husband is worried about their financial situation.

Susan retires to her bedroom to watch an old Hollywood film after Christopher emails the cops.

Susan also identifies these classic films with her grandfather, the only person in her family who cared about her.

Meanwhile, Christopher, desperate to sustain his delicate wife’s dreams, goes along with her obsessions and, seemingly bored with his monotonous life, becomes enamoured with Depardieu.

In denial of their hard reality and heinous deeds, the Edwardses envision a romantic life for themselves.