What happened to Pat Comunale? Where Is He Now?

Where is Pat Comunale Now

Joey Comunale’s night out in New York City, New York, began like any other in November 2016.

The young twenty-something was out till the early morning hours with his buddies, but a dreadful chain of events led to a tragic result.

Pat, Joey’s father, learned of his son’s disappearance, and his greatest nightmare came true when Joey was discovered dead just days later.

48 Hours: What Happened in the Sutton Place Apartment?‘ on CBS News focuses on Joey’s account and has Pat speak about his experiences.

So, how about we learn a little more about him?

Who is Pat Comunale

Pat Comunale, who is he?

Pat is a native of the Bronx, New York, who later relocated to Connecticut, where he met Lisa, his future wife. Joey and Alexa, their two children, were born to them as a couple.

Pat and Joye were close friends, and many people called them best friends. They communicated on a daily basis and met at least five times per week.

Pat recalled Joey’s fondness for visiting New York City to watch live sports. On November 12, 2016, his son travelled from Stamford to hang out with a few buddies.

Pat wasn’t too concerned when he couldn’t reach him the next day.

“I know it sounds weird, but things in New York don’t truly start until late,” Pat explained. It’s not uncommon for kids to return home at 6:00 a.m., so I assumed he was sleeping.”

When he called Joey’s phone on November 13, however, his friend Stephen Naso answered. Joey had stayed in New York City and left his phone behind, according to Stephen.

Joey’s loved ones then began scouring social media for information on who Joey had gone out with the night before.

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They were eventually brought to Lawrence Dilione, a person Joey had met at the club. Pat was able to obtain his phone number and dial it.

Larry informed him that Joey had gone to acquire cigarettes and had not returned to the apartment building with him.

However, surveillance footage revealed that Joey and Larry returned to the party after guiding three women to their cab. On November 14, 2016, Pat reported his son missing.

The authorities were ultimately directed to James Rackover’s flat, where the party took place. “Don’t let the garbage go,” Pat recalls ordering the cops there.

Make certain to search all of the bags…’ I just had a feeling that if these men are lying, there might be something in the trash.”

When damning evidence was discovered in the trash, his instincts were correct.

Larry eventually confirmed what had happened, claiming that he and James were involved in the murder of Joey and the subsequent disposal of his remains.

Max Gemma, a friend of Larry’s, was also implicated in the crime. James, who had a criminal record, was the adopted son of famed jeweller Jeffrey Rackover.

Pat, on the other hand, claimed in a civil complaint that Jeffrey adopted James and gave him things in exchange for sex. They met in 2013 and shared an apartment before James moved into his own flat in the same building.

Where is Pat Comunale Now

What happened to Pat Comunale?

“An animal attacks a human, he is exterminated without the expensive attorneys, without his day in court,” Pat stated while waiting for a verdict in James’ case.

There are three creatures in this picture. They are most likely in need of euthanasia. In a free society, there’s no reason why they should mix.” In the end, James and Larry were found guilty of Joey’s murder and sentenced to prison.

Pat, on the other hand, was a successful figure in the security industry before selling his firm for more than $400 million.

He received an award for his contributions to the security business in 2018. Pat appears to still be living in Connecticut with his family.

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