Against the Ice (2022) Movie Recap And Ending Explained

Against the Ice (2022) Movie Recap And Ending

The historical survival film ‘Against the Ice,’ directed by Peter Flinth, is an intriguing account of a finding. The plot centres around explorer and captain Ejnar Mikkelsen in the most critical discovery of his life, based on the book “Two Against the Ice by Ejnar Mikkelsen.

Against all odds, he succeeds. He joins forces with inexperienced in-house technician Iver Iversen to search for Mylius-lost Erichsen’s records. The audience is enticed by the snowy backdrop, and enough lighting adds to the vintage sense.

You may now feel compelled to review the story’s conclusion in greater depth. Let us decode the end of the adventure if the closing moments are bothering you.

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Against the Ice (2022) Movie Recap


Synopsis of the Plot of ‘Against the Ice’ Movie

In the middle of an expedition, Ejnar Mikkelsen and his crew find themselves in a difficult predicament. His ship, Alabama, is stranded in a blizzard off the shore of Shannon Island, Greenland.

The Danish explorer’s goal is to locate the cairn left by Mylius-Erichsen, a previous Danish explorer whose journey ended in tragedy. They were successful in their search but were unable to return to civilisation.

Ejnar Mikkelsen only discovered the Greenlander Bronlund’s body, as well as a notebook and a map, in his pocket. The bodies of the other two people were buried in the snowdrift.

Mikkelsen’s long-time explorer companion Jorgensen is currently suffering from a leg injury. As a result, Mikkelsen was one of the lads who accompanied him.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but no one is brave enough to navigate the treacherous terrains of northern Greenland except Iver Iversen, the group’s newest member.

He joined the group as an engineer, but he claims to be a sharpshooter and a competent dog handler as well. He is also the only one who has agreed to participate in the adventure.

Jorgensen reminds Mikkelsen of Naja, but Mikkelsen is dead set on finding Mylius-lost Erichsen’s records. After a quick picture shoot in March 1910, Ejnar Mikkelsen and Iver Iverson embarked on a 200-mile trek through a glacier-laden cold environment.

Bjorn, Iver’s beloved dog, is killed, and they lose a sled. They’re virtually out of supplies, and Iver considers giving up, but they eventually find the cairn.

The journey back, however, is even riskier, thanks to polar bears and unforeseen delusions.

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Against the Ice Ending

Ending of ‘Against the Ice’ Movie: Do Ejnar and Iver Recover the Lost Records?

The documents are retrieved from the cairn by Mikkelsen and Iversen. Mylius-Erichsen has left a note for the authorities, emphasising that the Peary Channel (a rumoured body of water that divides Greenland in half) does not exist.

You might be wondering what this means for the protagonists now. Iversen is glad because Mikkelsen is delighted, even though he doesn’t grasp the consequences of the discovery.

Robert Peary, a US explorer, believed there was a short river body in Greenland’s north-eastern region, which he named for himself.

In the places where Peary assumed a river should be, the Danish explorers discovered fjords (glacier lakes).

Let us now travel through Greenland’s history. Denmark and Norway shared control over Greenland, a fishing colony.

By 1814, Norway’s position in the alliance had deteriorated, and Greenland had become a Danish colony. Because of the US mission, the Danish people feared that if the Peary Channel divided Greenland, they would lose a portion of it.

Do Ejnar and Iver Retrieve the Lost Records

Thankfully, Mylius-Erichsen rules out the idea of a river near the Peary Channel, ensuring that Denmark retains possession of the entire island of Greenland. Peary Land, a peninsula in Greenland, is named after the legendary US explorer.

Let’s get back to the movie now. Mikkelsen and Iversen return to the base camp after the finding. The return route, on the other hand, is significantly more difficult and laden with unknown dangers.

The duo loses the remaining dogs after an encounter with a polar bear. Mikkelsen continues on foot after destroying the remaining sled in order to start a fire. Even Mikkelsen, however, considers quitting at one point.

He builds a cairn similar to Mylius-and Erichsen’s places the letter and map inside. Despite their initial pessimism, they feel compelled to fight back and make their way back to the base.

When they realise that the other crew members have fled the scene, the scenario becomes even more bleak. The others, on the other hand, have left Mikkelsen and Iversen with a year’s supply of provisions and a cottage fashioned from the ship Alabama’s wreckage.

Mikkelsen is now hopeful enough to return to the cairn and retrieve the document he left there. They complete the follow-up operation despite having little supplies and no sled. The Danish government honours Mikkelsen and Iversen for their discoveries at the conclusion of the storey.

Is Naja Dead or Alive

Is Naja Alive or Dead? Are ‘Mikkelsen’ and ‘Naja’ Going to be Together?

Early in the storey, Iversen pulls out a snapshot he took from the ship. The artwork depicts women, the loved ones who left their homes to join the trip.

Iversen had given some of the women in the photograph fictional names, but when he hands the image over to Mikkelsen to do the same, Mikkelsen gestures to a woman in shadow.

He calls her Naja since her face is practically undetectable. However, as the novel progresses, we learn that Naja has a tangible presence in Mikkelsen’s life.

During his second stay at the cottage, Mikkelsen runs into Naja. Naja appears to have descended from an air balloon and has taken up residence with Mikkelsen and Iversen.

Mikkelsen later suspects Iversen of having an affair with Naja. Despite this, he later understands that reality and imagination have become confused in his mind as a result of the intense cold and hunger. You could be wondering if Naja is alive or dead at this point.

Mikkelsen notices a woman standing backstage as they return to civilization and prepare to get their awards. Mikkelsen inquires about Iversen’s ability to see the woman, as he has had delusional episodes concerning her in the past.

Despite Mikkelsen’s insistence that he must travel light in his business, we learn that he has a loved one at home as well.

After his near-death experience, a title card reveals that Naja and Mikkelsen married. As a result, they end up together.

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