Anita Fox Murder Case: Where Is Bernard Gorman Now? Is Gerard Gorman Dead?

Anita Fox Murder Case

Despite the fact that the Texas neighbourhood of Colleyville is generally thought to be a secure place, a horrible murder in September 2014 rocked the town. When the cops arrived at the crime scene, they discovered blood splatters all over the place, as well as Anita Fox, the 72-year-old housekeeper, who lay still on the floor.

A Time To Kill: Five Million Reasons For Murder‘ on Investigation Discovery focuses on the heinous incident and follows the police investigation that brought the offender to justice.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of this case and figure out where Anita’s killer is right now.

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Who is Anita Fox

Who Is Anita Fox And How Did She Die?

Anita Fox was 72 years old at the time of her murder, but loved ones said she was still young at heart and enjoyed spreading joy. She was a housewife who was devoted to her family, particularly her grandchildren.

Anita’s upbeat personality drew her to many people, and she was well-liked in her community, which still mourns her death.

On September 23, 2014, Anita Fox accepted a house cleaning job in Colleyville. Anita was in a good mood when she came to meet her grandchildren on September 22, according to her relatives.

Anita headed out to do her tasks the next day, and her family had no cause to believe anything was wrong until a dramatic sequence of events changed their lives forever.

On September 23, a woman hired to water the plants at the Colleyville home walked in and discovered Anita’s dead body. She called the cops right away, who arrived on the scene to find blood splatters all over the house.

Anita Fox was found dead in a pool of blood in this upscale Colleyville, Texas home in September 2014

While Anita was pronounced dead on the scene, officers observed a blood trail that showed the woman had been carried out of a closet and into the foyer.

An examination later revealed that the victim died as a result of multiple knife wounds to the head, one to the chest, and one to the back.

Who Was Responsible for the Death of Anita Fox?

The initial inquiry into Anita Fox’s murder was slow because no one could understand why someone would want to kill such a lovely woman. Finally, however, the girl who contacted 911 said she saw a heavyset older man with short grey hair fleeing the crime site.

Authorities drew up a sketch of the suspect right away. When they presented it to Anita’s son, Al, he reported seeing him and another man at a local gas station a few days before Anita was murdered.

He was suspicious about the individuals and even took a picture of their car, but the licence plate was too fuzzy to read.

Anita was a member of the English Traveler community, a group of people who moved every few months in search of job, according to further inquiry.

Officers also discovered that she was the beneficiary of a $5 million insurance policy that was started by her son-in-law, Mark Buckland.

Mark, on the other hand, indicated that the insurance costs were becoming too much for him to stomach, so he had transferred the policy to Patrick Gorman, an Irish traveller.

Gerard Gorman and Bernard Gorman

Despite the fact that Anita was unaware of the policy and had never met Patrick Gorman, the police quickly discovered that Patrick’s brother, Gerard, perfectly matched the initial suspect sketch.

Officers also learned from Charles Mercier, the agent who assisted with the policy transfer, that Gerard had been enquiring about Anita’s whereabouts.

Finally, the police were able to improve Al’s photo of the truck and discovered that it belonged to Gerard’s son, Bernard “Little Joe” Gorman. Bernard broke down and confessed to the murders when he was brought in for interrogation.

They targeted Anita because, according to Bernard, they sought a speedy return on the insurance coverage. As a result, with adequate proof, the cops were ultimately able to issue arrest warrants for both Gerard and his son.

Bernard Gorman
Bernard Gorman

Is Gerard Gorman Alive or Dead? What Has Happened to Bernard Gorman?

Gerard Gorman, according to the episode, died before he was arrested. The cops arrived at the motel Gerard was staying at, armed with an arrest warrant.

However, when they entered Gerard’s chamber, they discovered him dead, with reports claiming that he died of natural causes.

Bernard, on the other hand, pleaded guilty to murder conspiracy and was sentenced to 14 years in jail in 2017. While the show says Bernard is now out on parole, his parolee status prevents him from moving out of state; therefore we can fairly presume Bernard Gorman is still in Texas.

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