Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’: Are Chelsea and Christine Still Friends or Not?

Are Selling Sunset’s Chelsea and Christine Still Friends

Are Selling Sunset’s Chelsea and Christine Still Friends? Let’s find out. Given the area’s sunny setting and abundance of the rich and famous, selling real estate in Los Angeles can be a dream come true. It can also be a cutthroat business, with agents competing for clients and properties. The drama at The Oppenheim Group, where elite real estate salespeople sell the opulent life to its affluent clientele, is depicted in “Selling Sunset.” The drama is amplified when a new agent joins the team, and the veterans demand that she prove herself before they accept her as a member.

Selling Sunset,’ a Netflix original series, provides a realistic look inside the lives of several top-tier real estate brokers in Los Angeles. The agents, all of whom are members of the Oppenheim Group, appear to enjoy opulent lives while juggling their work and social obligations. Cameras follow them as they negotiate the social scene while simultaneously indulging in high-octane drama and intense relationships, adding to the show’s brilliance.

Chelsea Lazkani, a British-Nigerian real estate agent who joined the group in 2021, was presented in Season 5 of ‘Selling Sunset.’ Interestingly, she established up a close friendship with Christine Quinn, an agent notorious for getting involved in feuds with other castmates, almost soon after her arrival.

Nonetheless, because Chelsea and Christine’s friendship appeared to be genuine, people are curious to see if it has lasted. Let’s see what we can find out, shall we?

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Are Chelsea and Christine Still Friends

Selling Sunset: Chelsea and Christine Journey as a Estate Agents

Chelsea Lazkani quickly established contacts within the Oppenheim group after being recruited as a newcomer in season 5. However, much to everyone’s surprise, she found herself drawn to Christine Quinn, who is undoubtedly the show’s least popular cast member. Christine had various feuds in previous seasons, but in the season 4 finale, she got into a major brawl with Mary Fitzgerald.

Furthermore, while fans claimed she faked her current pregnancy, which Christine and Davina Potratz rejected, the notorious real estate agent found herself in deep water once more as her feuds with Chrishell Stause, Emma Fitzgerald, and Heather Rae El Moussa reappeared.

Chelsea said she had no prior ties to the Oppenheim agents when she first appeared on the show, but she subsequently revealed that she adored Christine after getting to know her. Chelsea, on the other hand, refused to become engrossed in the developing feud, refusing to take sides. Instead, after establishing a close friendship with Christine, the new real estate agent went on to establish relationships with the other agents, particularly Emma.

Chelsea also commented in an interview with People Magazine about the ongoing conflict and her friendships, “Working with these females, who are so professional, constant, and disciplined, I was very inspired by them.” I’m like a lone combatant. I ebb and flow, and I don’t really move at those frequencies; I understand there was turmoil, but I’m here to create my own unique relationships.”

Christine, on the other hand, appears to have found an ally after falling out with most of the other cast members in season 4. Chelsea and Christine appear to have similar viewpoints, which further adds to their great friendship. On the other hand, it’s nice to see Chelsea choose to be Christine’s friend because she liked her as a person, rather than because of her status or past.

Chelsea and Christine are Still friends, Right?

Chelsea and Christine don’t post much on social media, but they ended Season 5 on good terms, so they’re likely to stay friends. Chelsea formed bonds with most of the cast members, but she had a special connection with Christine Quinn. Christine, on the other hand, had made a rare friend in Chelsea and was unwilling to risk their friendship. From their discussions, it appeared that they were preparing to take on the competition as a team, and the two did create a compelling real estate team.

Furthermore, Christine and Chelsea grew closer over the course of the season, with the latter appearing unconcerned with Christine’s former reputation and instead of attempting to get to know her personally. Christine and Chelsea are currently pursuing a life of privacy and spending time with their families. We can reasonably presume that they are friends to this day, given their remarkable connection and how strong their bond grew throughout Season 5.