Are Danielle and Nick From Love is Blind Still Married?

Are Danielle and Nick Still Married

Are Danielle and Nick From Love is Blind Still Together? Where They Are Now – The second season of “Love is Blind” came to a stunning conclusion, with some couples supposedly finding their true love and other pairs breaking up. Among them is, of course, none other than the once-strangers-turned-committed couple Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, who was eclectically romantic, emotionally charged, and charmingly adorable. Therefore, we have insights into the couple you’ve grown to adore if you want to reflect on their relationship and learn the specifics of where they are now. Let’s start now!

Who is Nick from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Who is Nick Thompson from season two of Netflix’s reality series “Love Is Blind”? Vice President of Product Marketing Nick is a 36-year-old Chicago, Illinois native. “Humanist. Love is Blind S2. Product & Brand Marketing. Cold Brew Coffee. Bears. Bulls. No GMO’s. Be Relevant,” his Instagram bio reads.

After being revealed as a cast member, Nick shared a headshot from the second season of Love Is Blind on Instagram with the statement, “I’m sort of a clean freak.” “It’s been quite an experience hunting for love, many times in all the wrong places,” he wrote as the post’s caption. When Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix debuts on February 11, I can’t wait to ask you all to join me on my quest to discover whether love is blind.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Nick has held the position of vice president of product marketing at Mediafly since August 2021. He spent two years at Tacton before that. Before being elevated to vice president of product marketing and then vice president of marketing, he served as the director of product marketing at first. He has held positions at CDW and PCNation and served as senior brand marketing manager for Zoro US. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Full Sail University in 2010. In 2008, while serving as the head editor of the student newspaper Harbinger, he earned an associate of arts in business administration and management from Harper College.

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Who is Danielle from Love Is Blind Season 2?

Who is Danielle Ruhl from Netflix show Love Is Blind, season 2? From Chicago, Illinois, Danielle is a 29-year-old assistant director in marketing. @dnellruhl is Danielle’s Instagram username. Danielle mimics Michael Scott’s line from The Office in her Instagram bio: “I want people to be terrified of how much they adore me.” Danielle shared a still from the second season of Love Is Blind on Instagram after being revealed as a cast member, along with the caption: “Who am I Smilin About??? Learn when LIB debuts on February 11 by contacting @loveisblindnetflix and @netflix.

Additionally, she shared a video of her and Nick in which she talks to him about “wine Danielle” from episode 1. “On February 11th, who is prepared to meet Wine Danielle?” Danielle authored the caption.

Danielle reportedly earned her degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2015, based on what appears to be her LinkedIn. She had also worked as an intern in marketing for Clover Technologies Group. According to an interview on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign website, Danielle was a member of the American Advertising Federation and the Alpha Phi sorority, and her hometown is Ottawa, Illinois.

She discussed how her internship in social media at the time benefited her career in the interview. “Using social media for work enables people to interact with coworkers, communicate with clients, and make advertisements. I want to work in the creative business someday, and this internship allowed me to get some experience in that area. Additionally, I feel confident making presentations today and presenting them to clients and coworkers,” she added.

Danielle and Nick’s Love is Blind Journey

When Danielle, then 28, and Nick, 35, started conversing in the pods, it was pure ecstasy for them since they both sensed a deep, natural connection that was impossible to deny. To truly get to know one another’s hearts, they immediately established some points of commonality. They even shared details about their childhoods in dysfunctional families, aspirations for the future, and insecurities. It, therefore, came as no surprise at all that they later became engaged in a matter of days, precisely at the end of episode 1, to become the first official couple of this incredibly comfortable second installment.

Due to their different lifestyles, communication methods, and uncertainty-filled reluctance, Danielle and Nick had their fair share of problems during their subsequent romance. Still, they were always able to resolve them. The couple had had a heated quarrel the night before the wedding, but they both still exchanged vows because they believed their relationship was genuine and worth fighting for.

Because of this, they had begun seeing a therapist for their daily issues together by the time the reunion special rolled around. They had even made the necessary changes to put the other person first. Since they appeared to get along incredibly well throughout the three-episode “After the Altar” special — even their differences were complementary — it appears that this effort-based approach helped them a lot.

Nick once remarked to his wife, “We had so many opportunities to meet. When your best friend was my downstairs neighbor in a three-flat. When I interviewed at your dad’s company… Fate was just like, ‘All right, you two have had plenty of opportunity; you’re not taking it, so we’re going to do this experiment. We’re not going to let you leave until you find each other.’… When you know, you know.” He also added, “It’s just nice to have this at the end of it all; just you and me and Wiz and Grayson [their pet cat and dog]. We have a home.

Are Danielle and Nick Still together

Are Danielle and Nick Still Married?

No, Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are not together from Love Is Blind season 2. In an exclusive interview with Netflix’s Tudum in August 2022, Danielle and Nick said they were doing OK, with the former stating things were simpler without the experiment’s burden.

Danielle and Nick become close in Episode 1 because of the fact that both of their parents are divorcing. Danielle said, “There’s been a long history history of divorce in my family. There has been no relationship that I’ve witnessed that has been successful. That’s going to be my fear. Am I going to be following in the footsteps of everyone else in my family?

Nick then told Danielle that his parents separated when he was 5 years old. Danielle then revealed to Nick how previous relationships had left her feeling hurt. “I’ve been in relationships where the guy ends up making me feel insecure. I was dating a guy who every time he was laying beside me in bed, he’d scroll through his phone and all I would see were these girls who were not me. I would get so in my head about that,” she admitted. 

Nick and Danielle connected over their childhood struggles with weight. Nick learned that Danielle had shed 70 pounds. I almost didn’t tell you that. I’m apprehensive about telling anyone because I don’t want them to worry that she might return to that. I feel insecure about it all the time,” she admitted. Nick then admitted to Danielle that, prior to becoming more health-conscious in college, he had likewise been “chunky” as a child.

The first engaged couple on Love Is Blind season 2 was Nick and Danielle, who got engaged at the conclusion of episode 1. They traveled to Mexico for a retreat with the other engaged couples and really met. Nick and Danielle’s relationship began to falter in episode 5 when Danielle confronted Nick for attending the cocktail party without her due to food poisoning, which prevented her from joining the other engaged couples. 

Danielle told Nick, “You looked like you were having fun,” admitting that she had been watching him from her hotel room. Then Nick made it clear that there was nothing to be concerned about because he was merely discussing “capitalism” with another woman at the party. Not because I don’t believe in you. I do. Simply put, I don’t like circumstances that won’t make this work. Like today,” Danielle remarked. “This material is going to cause serious problems.” Danielle admitted to Nick that she spent her three hours by herself crying in their hotel’s closet while locking the door due to how lost in thought she was. The argument escalates as Nick exits because he doesn’t feel heard. “You need to quit acting upset with me and being harmful.” You aren’t actively trying to reduce the toxicity, he said. Danielle expressed her regret to Nick for her behaviour that evening. “Normally, we have great communication, but it’s never really gotten to this point. It has a spooky vibe. In a candid interview, Danielle said that the sensation is unpleasant and new. 

In his own interview, Nick further stated, “If we met in real life, and we had an argument like we had last night that early on, it wouldn’t have worked. But because we have these strong communication skills that we built in The Pods, we’re able to come back from something like that. I feel like our bond grows stronger and stronger.”

In episode 10, Danielle and Nick exchanged vows and were united in marriage.

Danielle said, “It was like this cloud had been lifted, and we were finally able to have the relationship that we had in the pods. All of the fears that we had about being married, it was harder to talk through them than it was to live through them. And now, our lives are integrated… so it’s better than I could have even anticipated.”

But a few days later, it was discovered that Danielle had filed a petition for divorce in Cook County, Illinois, on August 15, 2022, albeit the reason for it is still unknown. She and Nick have not publicly expressed their choice to end their relationship, and it appears that both marketing experts are just going through this new phase, mostly in private.

The 29-year-old has only addressed her attempts to cope in a series of Instagram Stories (uploaded on or around September 11), all the while addressing fan assumptions.

She stated in a video, “It’s funny when people are like, ‘How are you so happy?’ Would you rather have me post an Instagram Live of me crying for eight hours straight, because I can do that if you want [me] to! That’s my reality.”

Danielle continued, “I deal [with] these situations like anyone else. Sending love to all. I’m not posting these to be like, oh, poor Danielle, woe is me. It’s just like, I deal with this stuff like anyone else does. If you would rather have me sit here posting stories, sobbing, I could easily do that. It’s what I spend most of my days doing. But I do cry all of the time. I cry easily. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad. But who wants to see that? Come on.

You can watch Love Is Blind on Netflix.

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