Street Outlaws: Are Kayla Morton and Boosted Still Together?

Are Kayla and Boosted Still Together

Are Kayla Morton and Boosted Still Together? – After Kayla Morton started sharing pictures on Instagram without Chris Hamilton AKA BoostedGT, the Street Outlaws (Discovery Channel) actors have fueled divorce rumors. As previously reported by SpikyTV, Kayla, Boosted, and their two kids, Austin and Cooper, all reside together in Texas.

Experienced racers Chris Hamilton, aka BoostedGT, and Kayla Morton were familiar with each other before their appearance on the show since they frequented the same social circles. Despite the slow onset of their chemistry, Kayla and Chris went on to have an excellent relationship.

However, given that Boosted is not visible in any of the racer’s most recent images, this might no longer be the case. We learned if they are still dating.

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The ‘Street Outlaws’ Journey of Kayla and Boosted

Chris Hamilton, aka BoostedGT, and Kayla Morton were friends long before they made an appearance on the show. Nevertheless, they respected each other as fellow racers and maintained a cordial relationship despite being little more than buddies. But as their connection grew, they became aware of their shared admiration. After meeting, the couple’s friendship quickly developed into love, and they appeared to be very content.

Even Kayla emphasized the significance of finding a spouse who shares your passion for racing when she remarked, “It’s incredibly difficult to find a partner who shares your passion for the sport, and is so ‘poured into’ it. Therefore, you hold on when you find someone who is aware of the way of life and the costs involved. Our entire lives have been centered around driving and racing. This is our life. ” Even after becoming a couple, Chris and Kayla continued to compete against one another in races on the street.

Additionally, the pair found it difficult to spend time together because Chris originally had a second job. However, they acknowledged that perseverance and commitment got them through the challenging moments. Kayla and Chris developed a lovely friendship over time, and they frequently updated their followers on social media. Although it is unknown if they have exchanged wedding vows, the two are proud parents of Austin and Cooper. According to reports, the family resides in Chris‘ native state of Texas.

Are Kayla Morton and Boosted Still Together?

The connection between Kayla and Boosted doesn’t seem to be one that will endure. A source close to the couple reportedly told Reality Tidbit that they had ended their relationship. In more recent Street Outlaws episodes, Kayla has been the one to participate in races, while Boosted has stayed out of the spotlight. Fans of Street Outlaw who are astute might conclude that they are making every effort to avoid one another.

A simple glance at her Instagram page also reveals a lot because all traces of her previous connection with Boosted have been erased. Her recent posts have been all about cars and fitness, with no mention of Boosted. She also shared a heartwarming photo sequence of herself with her two sons, Austin and Cooper (whom she shares with Boosted), demonstrating how wonderful motherhood still makes her feel, despite the absence of Boosted from her life.

The narrative on Boosted’s Instagram is highly similar, except no pictures show any prior interactions with Kayla. Instead, he just posts videos of cars, photos of his kids, and Street Outlaws advertising images these days.

When Did Kayla and Boosted part ways?

After they competed against one another on Street Outlaws, the friendship between Kayla and Boosted grew. She tried her hardest to beat him in the race, but in the end, he was far faster. Through mutual friends, they were previously connected within the racing community, but they did not begin dating until she accepted Big Chief’s invitation to participate in the reality TV program.

They soon entered a committed relationship and moved live together in Texas. By having two children together, Kayla and Boosted decided to have a family. However, uncertainty surrounds the precise time frame that Kayla and Boosted chose to separate.

Has Boosted or Kayla Begun Dating With Others?

There is a rumor that Boosted has begun seeing another woman! Nothing has been confirmed; therefore, everything is just conjecture. No information has been released regarding Kayla finding new love, though. Neither of their Instagram accounts currently indicates any new romantic relationships. If they have genuinely met new people to date, it is safe to assume that they are keeping everything very discreet.