Married at First Sight: Are Myrla and Gil Still Together?

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together

Are Myrla and Gil of “Married at First Sight” Still Together? – Even though Married at First Sight’s 13th season is over, the ongoing drama has undoubtedly not. Some of the season’s participants were featured in the November 17 reunion special and shared their life updates.

Myrla and Gil, one of “Married at First Sight’s” five couples, won the season’s audience over. Despite the bumpy ride, they decided to remain married in the end. Gil even rented a room in Myrla’s home. If you want to know that Myrla and Gil are together or not, keep reading below.

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Are Myrla and Gil of Married at First Sight Still Together

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Gil and Myrla are not a couple. Unfortunately, Mryla decided she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with Gil fourteen days after Decision Day.

Myrla said the following to explain her choice, “There were many different things. For me, it was simply admitting how dissimilar we are. I actually cared about the things that I had stated were non-negotiables for me. Financial security is very essential to me.

Gil, though, is sceptical of the just because he earns $100 more per week than she does.

Myrla added that she had never sensed chemistry or attraction between the two. The Lifetime’s reality show Married at First Sight actress acknowledged that she was sad and that she couldn’t make herself feel better. Added her, “He is a wonderful person, gorgeous, and everything. But the truth is that we can’t be together.”

The fact that Myrla deceived and caught Gil off guard from the start upset Gil. He wrongly believed that their connection was based on open communication.

Gil frequently referred to his new wife as a “Debbie D downer,” which eventually irked her. Myrla admitted to interviewer Kevin Frazer, “I’ve never been in a relationship where that happened. I’m not sure what to do with that, and if you don’t like it, you have to accept it’s just the way that person is, right?

Gil believes the expert’s matching system can work even though the breakup on television was poor. In a video interview with YouTuber Lisa Alastuey in December 2021, Gil stated, “I don’t think the recipe has to be changed.” “People are the most important thing,”

The MAFS alum seemed to be alluding to this ex-high wife’s standards when he said, “A lot of people aren’t willing to change, and they set these crazy standards that, you know, even if they made this person, it wouldn’t work out.”

At the end of the show, the pair had several problems due to their divergent political ideologies, financial aspirations, and living preferences. The icing on the stale cake was Mryla’s persistent negativity and melancholy.

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