Bad Vegan: Where Are Nick Ross and Bonnie Crocker Today?

Where Are Nick Ross and Bonnie Crocker now

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.‘ is a docuseries unlike any other, focusing on the perplexing rise and fall of once-famous restauranteur Sarma Melngailis as a result of her marriage to Anthony Strangis.

After all, it uses recorded phone calls and text messages between the two key parties to get to the heart of the situation, in addition to recreations and interviews with the people involved.

Former employees Nick Ross and Bonnie Crocker are among those who supply their tales for the same, so let’s learn a little more about them now, shall we?

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What Happened to Nick Ross And Where is He Now?

Despite the fact that Nick Ross left Sarma Melngailis’ jobs at Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck in 2007, he maintained a solid personal contact with her over the years.

In fact, the former server and floor manager ran into her frequently whenever they were both in the same place, which is how he learned about her and Anthony’s marriage.

On a personal level, the DU theatre graduate was unaffected by the incident, but he confesses that his experiences taught him some soft skills that he’s been able to apply in the real world.

Nick is now a writer, video producer, and storyteller living in Denver, Colorado, where he is primarily employed as the Senior Video Design Manager at Brandfolder.

His professional background includes work for CBS, Fox Sports, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, and People Magazine, as well as a few web series and lives story-slams. That’s how he’s been able to secure multiple business collaborations, sponsorships, and over 100 million views, helping him to further his profession every day.

It’s also worth noting that, while Nick is now healthy and happily married, he battled cancer a few years ago.

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What Happened to Bonnie Crocker And Where is She Now?

Bonnie Crocker started working at Pure Food and Wine when it first opened, so she saw every ups and down firsthand, especially as the manager. She had a fantastic bond with Sarma, like practically every other employee, until Anthony came into the scene, and even then, they remained friendly for as long as they could.

Bonnie was the first to notice that her employer had replaced her wedding band with one of her own, only to discover that it had been done on purpose. More crucially, she believes that Sarma’s worst mistake was “allowing Shane, Anthony, into her life,” as depicted in the Netflix version.

Bonnie is currently residing in Venice, California, where she works as a funeral organiser, grief counsellor, and bereavement minister, according to our information.

According to accounts, empathy has always been a strong suit of hers, which is why, after quitting the food sector for good, she gravitated into this field and stayed with it.

Bonnie considers her job to be a privilege, especially when she gets to see/hear individuals preserve their loved ones’ memories in real-time.

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