Where Is Sarma Melngailis’ Dog ‘Leon’? Is Leon Still Alive and With Sarma?

What Happened to Sarma Melngailis’ Dog - Is Leon Still Alive

Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.‘ is a mind-boggling four-part docuseries on Netflix that outperforms even the perplexing elements of ‘Inventing Anna‘ and ‘Tinder Swindler.’

After all, it offers not only alleged greed and controlled manipulation, but also financial stability, non-human existence, and pet immortality, among other things.

According to the production, Anthony Strangis (a.k.a. Shane Fox) invented these statements in the hopes of defrauding his then-partner Sarma Melngailis of her whole money, and the worst thing is that he almost succeeded.

So now that we know how things turned out for the alleged career criminal and former vegan restauranteur, let’s get down to business and find out what happened to her beloved pet dog Leon.

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What Happened To Sarma Melngailis’ Dog ‘Leon’?

In 2010, Sarma Melngailis adopted Quinn, a red-nosed brown pit bull from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue (a no-kill shelter) in Brooklyn, New York, only to rename him Leon a few months later.

Because the founder/owner of Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck had broken up with her partner at the time, the timing was ideal for the pooch to become her true companion.

Sarma and Leon’s bond grew so strong that she not only trusted people based on his reactions to them, but she also regarded him as her life’s love.

In a candid interview with Vanity Fair, actor Alec Baldwin stated, “She wasn’t someone who dated a lot of people.” “She went home after working at the restaurant, doing the books, and passing out with her dog.”

That’s why, according to the Netflix original, Sarma felt, “Well, he must be okay,” when Anthony Strangis entered her life and Leon seemed to “like him.”

“This has to be real.” In other words, her pet was literally her entire life, which her partner quickly discovered and allegedly exploited by promising him immortality if she continued to comply with his weird requests.

It took her a long, but it appears that Sarma has finally realised that none of Anthony’s statements are true.

She stated, “My dog isn’t going to live forever.” “I’m not eternally safe; all of my dreams and visions that he promised I’d see come true aren’t coming true, and this gigantic mess isn’t going to be undone the way he always promised.” It’s like though I’ve awoken in a nightmare.”

However, one bright element is that she still has Leon in her life, who, according to her social media platforms, has recently turned 12 but appears to be as happy and healthy as ever.

According to what we can gather, the couple still lives in New York, where Sarma spends almost all of her spare time besides him, as she always has, whether reading or simply cuddling— he appears to be the most important person in her life.

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