Calvin Fields Murder Case: Where is Laverne Fields Today?

Calvin Fields Murder Case

Calvin Fields Murder: Where is Laverne Fields Today? – Calvin Fields’ tragic death can be revisited in the Investigation Discovery episode “Reasonable Doubt: Prison Mom.” Fields was a Vietnam War veteran whose suspected murder in 1999 shook the Tyler, Texas, neighborhood.

His wife, Laverne Fields, who is currently serving a 90-year prison sentence after a jury found her guilty in the murder case, was also upset by the incident. According to the prosecution, she murdered her spouse to collect a $65,000 life insurance payout.

The former couple’s children will reexamine the contentious case with Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva in the “Prison Mom” episode to establish their mother’s innocence in what they contend was a suicide case. If you want to learn more about Calvin Fields Murder Case and his killer wife, read below.

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Who Was Calvin Fields and How Did He Die?

A veteran of the Vietnam War, Calvin Fields was residing in Tyler at the time of the incident. Everyone praised him as a standup guy who prioritized his family and was great with loved ones. He had wed Laverne Fields in August 1998; they had been dating for almost a year before to that. However, the events of September 1999 altered their lives irrevocably.

Laverne reported to 911 on September 27, 1999, that her husband was in bed in a pool of blood. When the police arrived at the scene, they discovered Calvin face up on the bed in the bedroom with blood dripping from his mouth and nose. The initial autopsy determined the death to be a suicide, and the body was sent to the family to be embalmed. The bullet wound, however, had not yet been discovered. But a back of the head entrance hole was eventually found, and Calvin was killed when a 9mm round entered his skull and struck his brain.

Who Killed Calvin Fields

Who Killed Calvin Fields and Why?

According to the police, the gun was fired between three and six inches away from Calvin’s head, and the bullet entered Calvin’s head directly and without deviating. According to the program, experts thought that while someone may shoot themselves in such a posture, it was unlikely because of the difficult positioning. Another scenario that was considered was Calvin using a pillow to prop up the gun, but since the pillows at the crime scene were unaltered, it was doubtful that this actually occurred.

Because of this, the police looked into Calvin’s life and discovered no evidence that he was considering suicide. Despite having diabetes and anxiety, he was not regarded as an abuser or an alcoholic, and he did not have a depression diagnosis. Additionally, family members reported that their chats with Calvin did not reveal anything amiss and that he had been planning for Thanksgiving and considering his future alternatives. The suspicion was consequently directed at his wife, Laverne.

Laverne first told police that she sent her eldest children off to school on the morning of the incident and returned home at around 7:15 or 7:30 am. During their chat, she said that Calvin seemed OK and kept waking up her youngest kid. The child was then brought to the living room, and Laverne heard a loud noise as she went to the hallway to prepare coffee.

When Laverne entered the bedroom, she discovered Calvin lying face down with his head turned toward the door. She dialed 911 before asking for assistance from a neighbor, who helped her flip Calvin over so she could administer CPR. Calvin was pronounced dead by the authorities at the scene, and they noted that Laverne had blood on her clothes but not on her nose or lips. This made her account of CPR seem suspect.

The authorities also discovered that Laverne’s name had been moved to the beneficiary of Calvin’s life insurance policy just days before the occurrence. According to the program, the family was facing financial difficulties since they were falling behind on their loan payments and had a negative balance in their joint account. Additionally, Laverne’s ex-husband claimed that she thought Calvin was domineering and had previously mentioned killing him.

Where is Laverne Fields Today

What Happened to Laverne Fields and Where Is She Now?

The prosecution relied heavily on circumstantial evidence during Laverne’s trial, which was underway on July 30, 2001. The authorities discovered that no blood, fingerprint, or gunshot residue evidence would have identified her as the murderer. Nevertheless, a jury found Laverne guilty of first-degree murder in August 2001 based on the money motivation and her contradictory claims regarding specific case details.

Laverne Fields said, “God as my witness, I did not kill my husband. I miss my family so much. I haven’t been able to interact with my children as a mother should, I just wanna go home and reunite with them.”

Her daughter said, “The hope she’ll be home soon to one day enjoy her family and grandchildren (keeps me going).”

She was then ordered to spend 90 years in prison. Laverne, who is currently 57 years old, is still detained at the William P. Hobby Unit in Marlin, Texas. In 2031, she will be eligible for parole.

This Tuesday, August 16, 2022, don’t miss the forthcoming episode of Reasonable Doubt about the murder case of Calvin Fields. Laverne, who is presently serving time for her husband’s alleged murder, will find some solace in the episode, which is set to air at 9 p.m. ET.

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