Cindy Hernandez Murder Case: Where Is Larry James Allred Today?

Cindy Hernandez Murder

Cindy Hernandez Murder: Where Is Larry James Allred Now? – In the summer of 1976, Cynthia May Hernandez, then 18 years old and referred to by everyone in her Glendora neighborhood as “Cindy,” had just completed her high school education.

She had a committed partner and a large network of friends, and was a gifted singer and athlete. She was never again seen, though, after leaving home alone one evening to see a movie.

It would take her mother 40 years to learn the truth about what happened that tragic night, and it was in large part due to the courageous testimony of two rape survivors that her killer was ultimately brought to justice.

The gruesome murder is detailed in “On the Case With Paula Zahn: A Deadly Omen” on Investigation Discovery. It also demonstrates how an unrelated crime and a lucky discovery helped the police find the killer. We have all the information regarding Cynthia May Hernandez’s murder and her killer. Keep reading below to learn more.

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How Did Cynthia May Hernandez Die

Who Was Cynthia May Hernandez and How Did She Die?

Living with her family in Glendora, California, was 18-year-old Cynthia May Hernandez, also known as Cindy. Cindy was an excellent student who had recently graduated from high school and had big expectations for the future. In addition, the youngster was not only in a committed relationship and fairly well-liked among her friends, but she was also a gifted athlete and vocalist with ambitions to develop her craft in the future. Her hopes, however, were destroyed by a quick, horrifying, and hate-filled crime.

Cindy decided to travel to the Fox Twin Theaters in Covina, California on August 26, 1976, to see a late-night showing of the slasher film “The Omen.” The youngster was resolved to go alone and did so after alerting her family, even though neither her friends nor her boyfriend could go with her.

However, when Cindy’s mother checked on her the following day, she discovered the bed to be spotless and unmade, which led her to believe there was a problem. In addition, when she could not find the teenager, she alerted the police and went to them immediately to report her daughter missing.

Authorities searched every nook and cranny of the neighborhood for Cindy throughout the course of the ensuing months. No matter what resource the police utilized in their investigation, the 18-year-disappearance old’s remained a mystery, and the case eventually became unsolved. Sadly, Cindy’s bones were finally identified by DNA in 2014, and although an autopsy was not then feasible, the murderer admitted to strangling Cindy to death.

Who Killed Cynthia May Hernandez

Who Killed Cynthia May Hernandez and Why?

Since the authorities had no clues to pursue in the months after Cynthia vanished, investigating her murder was incredibly difficult. In another incident, two girls were kidnapped from Corvina, California, and viciously raped before being severely abused for seven days, according to the episode. After a week, the kidnapper let them go. Detectives connected the horrifying act to one Larry James Allred once the youngsters approached the authorities.

It’s interesting to note that Allred was a career criminal with prior convictions for kidnapping and rape, despite succeeding in escaping from jail in 1976. He was eventually apprehended. According to the program, the State of California put Allred in a mental hospital even though the kids believed he was guilty for their rape because they believed he was a sex offender who was mentally disturbed.

Although the show claimed that Allred allegedly sexually assaulted another youngster in 2000, he was never found guilty of the crime. Allred was freed from the mental institution in 1998.

But Allred’s luck eventually ran out when, in a separate incident, he was detained for producing fake Disney pins and given an eight-year prison term in 2013. In 2014, officials unexpectedly discovered Cindy’s body and bones when they searched a cabin Allred owned in the woods. Thus, armed with solid proof, the police were able to charge Larry James Allred with Cindy’s murder.

Where Is Larry James Allred Now

What Happened to Larry James Allred and Where Is He Now?

Larry Allred, who was charged with Cindy’s murder, entered a plea of guilty to first-degree murder and admitted full responsibility for the crime. The court consequently gave him a life sentence in jail in 2016. However, according to sources, Allred will be eligible for release after completing just 7 years of his sentence because he was imprisoned under statutes that were in effect in 1976.

Therefore, it states that Cindy’s murderer is currently detained at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran, California, even though Larry’s prison record indicates that he was eligible for parole in December 2020.

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