Carolyn Wiger From Survivor 44: Everything We Know

Carolyn Wiger survivor 44 age and family

Carolyn Wiger From Survivor 44 – CBS has debuted the 44th season of the renowned reality television series “Survivor” Diverse strangers attempt to survive in a hostile environment by foraging for supplies and competing in a series of physical and mental challenges.

In Survivor’s 44th season, which debuts this week, new players will compete to be the sole survivor. Carolyn Wiger, a drug counsellor and recovering addict, will be one of the popular CBS show’s 18 contestants.

If you, too, were captivated by Carolyn’s performance and are interested in the reality show contestant’s personal life, continue reading!

Carolyn Wiger’s Age, Family, and Background

  • Age: 35
  • Hometown: North St. Paul, Minn.
  • Current Residence: Hugo, Minn.
  • Occupation: Drug Counselor

Carolyn Wiger, a contestant on Season 44 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, resides in Hugo, Minnesota; however, she was born and raised in St. Paul. The 35-year-old counsellor for addicts claims to be forthright, sincere, and enthusiastic about her profession.

In 2008, Carolyn got an associate’s degree in chemical dependency counselling from Century College and a bachelor’s degree in community leadership and development from Metro State University.

During her college years, she served as an AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at the St. Paul Housing Agency. She led the after-school program and coordinated activities for 25 adolescents from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Beginning in 2009, she completed a seven-month internship at the American Indian Community Development Corporation Detox Center before starting work as an ADCT at Juel Fairbanks.

The Survivor 44 competitor worked for Haven Chemical Health Solutions, LLC, as a LADC and on-call LADC for a total of six years. Eight years ago, she began working as a drug counsellor in Washington County, Minnesota.

She plans to appear on Season 44 of the CBS show to “bring hope” by telling her own tale.

Carolyn states, “I’ve watched the show my entire life.” Neither did I ever anticipate being a part of something like that. During the 41st season, her son granted her what she refers to as a “licence.”

She told Parade that her sobriety and her role as a sober parent to her child are two of her greatest successes. The subsequent competitor stated that Noura is the contender who is most similar to herself. She remarked that she wished to be more like Kelley Wentworth’s strategic planning and Parvati’s cruelty, but in reality, she is more like Noura.

Don’t miss Carolyn competing as an original member of the Tika tribe while wearing this season’s purple buff when “Survivor 44” premieres on March 1.

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