Carson Garrett From Survivor 44: Everything We Know

How old is Carson Garrett

Contestant Carson Garrett From Survivor 44 – Since its launch in 2000, the CBS reality competition series ‘Survivor,’ developed by Charlie Parsons, has been a vast rating success. Throughout the years, numerous candidates have tried to become the show’s champion. The 44th season took place on the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji and had an incredibly talented cast who gave their best to win.

NASA intern and 20-year-old “space nerd” Carson Garrett are one of the contestants on the CBS show. Garret views himself as a man with considerable skills and interests who is constantly eager to try something new. To illustrate that age does not impede success, he wishes to participate in the show.

Carson Garrett’s Age, Background and Profession

NASA intern Carson Garrett will be featured as one of the 18 survivors in the upcoming season of the CBS show. The 20-year-old has completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in Aerospace, aeronautical, and astronautical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Before joining NASA L’SPACE as a proposal writing and evaluation scholar and project manager for the NASA L’SPACE Mission Concept Academy, Carson worked as a part-time IT consultant at Duffy’s Deli.

Throughout his nearly three years with Consult Your Community, the candidate from Season 44 has worked as project leader, vice president of engagements, and now president.

In an interview with Parade, a participant from Survivor’s 44th season revealed that he intends to win the game and prove that “age does not define performance.”

He also said, “I think other people are gonna perceives me as this short, 5’5″ nerdy nice person. And then at the end of the game I can come out as more of a puppet master.”

Carson Garrett, the season’s youngest contestant, acknowledges that he “grew up in the ‘Survivor’ environment.” The show is older than I am, he exclaims, but it doesn’t seem to concern him. Later, he states, “I am confident I can win. I’m here to succeed. I’m here to win $1,000,000 in prize money.

He stated that completing two semesters of workforce development training at NASA in a single year was the most beneficial experience he had in terms of preparing him for the game.

Christian Hubicki, a former opponent who utilised his peculiarities and nerdiness to his advantage, was also named as somebody with whom he can identify. Despite being considered the weakest male in his tribe, Hubicki utilised his charisma and intellect to his advantage, according to the prospective cast member.

Carson Garrett’s Pre-Season Interview

Season 44 of “Survivor” will debut on CBS on March 1, 2023.

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