Centauro (2022) Movie Ending Explained: What Is Rafa’s Plan Of Escape?

Centauro (2022) ending explained

Centauro (2022) Movie Ending Explained – In the action-thriller “Centauro,” a semi-professional motorcycle racer in Spain with ambitions to go pro is pitted against a violent gang of drug dealers during protests in Barcelona for a Catalan state. While the premise and narrative are uncomplicated and straightforward for the most part, the fast-paced action and bike sequences make up for it. Overall, “Centauro” is not dissatisfying and is really entertaining to watch, thanks to the sequences on the road and on race tracks.

Centauro (2022) Plot Synopsis

Rafa (Àlex Monner) is a great motorsports driver who is comfortable in the bends. He is, however, a bit of a black sheep who is having trouble breaking into the circuit. Rafa works as a crane operator during the day. However, Rafa’s fortunes begin to improve when Regina and her Honda racing squad recognise him. Rafa picks up his son Mateo from his long-time on-again, off-again lover, Natalia, after a pleasant talk with Regina. Rafa does not marry Natalia because he despises the concept of a family, but he still loves her dearly.

As a result, Rafa is disturbed when he learns that Natalia has become involved in drug trafficking and has teamed up with a Colombian organized crime group. Natalia’s goons have been robbed of a large shipment of cocaine, and they need to be compensated. With the situation worsening, Rafa seeks out cartel head Carlos for help. Boro, Carlos’ sidekick, recognises a decent rider when he sees one, even if Carlos isn’t ready to bargain. They eventually figure out a method to help Rafa, who is frantic to get Natalia out of the maze.

Centauro (2022) plot synopsis

Rafa is required to make nightly visits to Marseilles to pass off drugs to Carlos’ clients, with a pit stop in the middle, as per the agreement. Rafa must put his life on hold in order to complete the journey in under two hours while avoiding police pursuit on a daily basis. He agrees to perform the experience for two months in exchange for Natalia’s debts being canceled. Rafa nearly gets into a police chase one night and wants a Kawasaki 1000 from Carlos.

While this does not occur, Carlos is enraged with Fadel, Boro’s cousin, who is suspected of stealing Natalia’s cache. Rafa burns his tyres until the conclusion of his two-month contract while mistrust grows within the group. Boro also gives him some blue pills, which blur his vision. Rafa fails to keep his balance, resulting in a spectacular tumble in the racing tournament’s final selection round. Soon later, he finds that the thugs are refusing to let him leave after two months, and he decides to take action.

How Does Rafa Use His Riding Skills in the Plan?

Carlos makes it apparent that the local drug supply chain has been disrupted as a result of the violent protests that take place virtually every night in Barcelona and its surrounding areas, forcing him to obtain cocaine from French sellers in Marseille. He now wants the drugs delivered from Marseille port to his business in Barcelona in less than two hours, and he assigns this task to Rafa, who will use his bicycling talents to accomplish this.

Rafa is transported to Marseille the first time he runs the route, where he is handed the medicines and the bike, as well as for instructions on how to cross the international border without stopping, as tolls for his bike will be automatically paid. He’d then have to meet up with the drug gang’s men, who would fill up his bike’s tank without having to go to a gas station. Rafa would be timed and followed through GPS during the mission. On the given superbike, the rider performs admirably, even eluding a police car in his pursuit of high overspeed.

After a successful test run, Carlos hires Rafa to carry out such smuggles on a regular basis until he has paid off Natalia’s debt, and even appears to offer the man a cut of the narcotics. Carlos’ henchman Boro delivers Rafa stimulant medications (or speed tablets, as they’re more widely known) to keep him attentive on the road, as the runs must now be even more effective and in shorter times. The Spanish police, now prepared for a single bike rider traveling at unusually high speeds, immediately after Rafa as he crosses the border, first with a car and then with two police bikes, realizing that cars are difficult to maneuver in traffic.

How Does Rafa Use His Riding Skills in the Plan

Carlos also makes plans to comply with the law’s requirements; Rafa is given a considerably quicker bike, and rather than wasting time recharging, he is given a new bike to ride from the checkpoint. As Rafa continues to work on these jobs, he assures Natalia that he is in charge and that she does not need to worry. He also begs her to remain with him and Mateo in his apartment, which she finally agrees to. Following that, Carlos orders Rafa to carry cocaine directly from his business to a buyer in Barcelona, despite ongoing street protests.

As he prepares to ride the dirt bike provided for this assignment, his friend Cortes approaches him and advises him not to join Carlos’ group. Rafa pays no attention and instead drives through streets thronged with protestors, smashing and burning anything in his path. However, a bunch of masked individuals appear out of nowhere and shoot down Rafa’s bike, causing him to flee through alleyways on foot while being pursued by armed men. He manages to get out of the predicament and calls for help from Carlos, who dispatches men to assist Rafa.

Meanwhile, Rafa continued to do tests with Monlau on the circuit and had even begun to utilize stimulant chemicals before these sessions. He was making his life as a motorsport racer more tough and complicated after some run-ins with his other competitors. This culminated in the final race of the testing season, in which only two of the team’s four racers were chosen to compete.

Rafa could not even finish the race, possibly overwhelmed by everything going on in his life, and Regina regretfully informs him that he has been released from the squad. After losing his job at the dockyard, the day has finally come for Rafa to complete Carlos and his gang’s ultimate assignment. He brutally discovers of the gang’s drastically different plans after successfully delivering the drugs and even accompanying Boro to the exchange with the customers.

Boro indicates that Rafa is not free to leave, and that he must continue delivering narcotics until Carlos instructs him to do so. Rafa is enraged by this, as well as Boro’s threats to harm Natalia further, and kills the henchman by brutally crushing his head with his helmet. He now contacts Cortes for assistance in disposing of the body, as well as a scheme that would benefit both of them.

Rafa offers to assist Cortes in taking over Carlos’ drug company, assuming that it was Cortes and his men who attacked him during the protests because they wanted to take over Carlos’ drug operation. He promises to find out about Carlos’ drug stash and inform him.

Centauro Ending explained

Centauro (2022) Movie Ending Explained

When Carlos confronts Rafa about the drug deal money and his AWOL henchman Boro, Rafa takes advantage of a previous disagreement between Carlos and Boro. Boro had muttered something about going to his cousin Fadel’s house, he claims. Carlos had already suspected Fadel of acting against him, and he now hurries over to his pharmacy store, accompanied by Rafa. He learns of Rafa’s lies after arriving, as his informer informs him that Fadel has been in jail for almost a week.

Rafa tries but fails to flee and is kidnapped by Carlos in the trunk of his car. Cortes and his men have been tailing Carlos’ automobile for a while, and now Rafa sends them his current location. Cortes follows them and sets up an ambush, slamming a truck into the car’s side. He then kills Carlos and saves Rafa from the trunk with a quick shot. Rafa recovers from his wounds as Cortes takes over the drug operation, and after a few weeks, he is seen having a good time with his family.

Regina calls him again, asking him to meet her at the track since her team has decided to give the racer another chance to compete. Rafa gladly accepts and heads down to see her, but the plan is quickly derailed when the cops come and arrest Rafa for interrogation. They disclose that the police found multiple pieces of hard proof of him being involved in drug smuggling, and that if he hadn’t been such a superb motorbike rider, they would have placed him in jail without hesitation.

They now offer him a route out of trouble: he may join the police department as a Central Narcotics Squad law enforcement rider. Rafa’s ambition of becoming a professional motorsports racer appears to have come to an end as he becomes entangled in legal troubles. In the closing scene, he is seen racing his police bike along a busy highway, yet he is also seen riding his bike equally quickly to arrest a drug smuggler.

Rafa, who was formerly on the wrong side of the law, now works for the authorities and is successful in apprehending the criminal. Despite having to give up his ambition, “Centauro” ends with Rafa earning enough money to live comfortably in the company of his wife and kid, whom he has managed to protect and persuade to reconcile.

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