Where Are Ryan Vallee’s Survivors Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman Now?

Where Are Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman Now
Jannesa Mingo

Where Are Ryan Vallee’s Survivors Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman Today? – Ryan Vallee’s case is as enraging as it is upsetting, owing to the fact that he tormented at least 23 underage females, the most of whom he intimately knew for his sick pleasure over a five-year period. During his threats against them, he utilized names like “Seth Williams” in the hopes of acquiring sexual images.

Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman were two such young ladies on his radar, according to Netflix’s ‘Web of Make Believe: Death Lies and the Internet: Sextortion.’ Still, they eventually managed to reclaim total power, so here’s what we know about them.

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Who Are Kristina Waterman
Kristina Waterman

Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman: Who Are They?

When it all started in 2011, Jannesa and Kristina were barely 15 or 16 years old and accepted a friend request from a random guy named “Seth Williams” on Facebook. Jannesa did observe that “he looked kind of nice,” as per the Netflix original episode, although Kristina had the careless attitude of “Whatever, what’s another friend?” given his age. Thus began the frequent messaging and talks, which swiftly progressed from praises to nice, in-depth discussions to him aggressively demanding photographs of sexual nature.

Jannesa, thinking he was a good guy, sent him photos of her backside, first “with the pants on” and then “without the pants off,” according to the Netflix production. Things worsened after she drew the line at nudes “Seth” hacked her Facebook and email accounts before threatening her and sending her obscene photographs to individuals she knew. Jannesa attempted to change her phone number, but he always found a way to contact her, so she had no alternative but to notify her mother and report it to the police after he showed her images of his previous victims.

Who Are Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman
Jannesa Mingo

Kristina had similar experiences with her naked photographs, but it was “Seth’s” messages, which she received once a week or every other day for months, that troubled her the most. Kristina reportedly asked her mother to allow her to commit herself, according to the episode.

That’s when her mother found out about the issue and made sure it was reported to the authorities. Kristina had previously confided in only one person, whom she mistook for a classmate, Ryan Vallee, the “quiet and shy” Ryan Vallee, but it was later revealed that Ryan was “Seth” himself.

Where Are Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman Today
Kristina Waterman

Jannesa Mingo and Kristina Waterman: Where Are They Now?

Kristina was very unhappy at learning the identity of her assailant because she had assumed Ryan was her buddy the entire time, which was perhaps the most difficult aspect for her. Because he was an outcast, Jannesa knew him from riding the school bus with him, and she revealed in Netflix’sWeb of Make Believe‘ that she went out of her way to be friendly to him. They both spoke during his sentence hearing in 2017, with the latter stating that while the emotional scars he left on her will be permanent, he did not reduce or destroy her because she is still alive.

Jannesa Mingo appears to be living a good life in Franklin, New Hampshire, with her boyfriend and newborn son, according to our information. She’s proud of every area of her life, including parenthood, her relationship, and her work as an aspiring makeup artist, a receptionist, and a promotional specialist.

Kristina is currently residing in Lakeport, New Hampshire, where she works as a retail distribution associate, a full-time mother, and a partner, all while trying to provide a good life for her family. More significantly, her self-love journey is paying off, as depicted in the Netflix original. “I’m definitely a stronger person…and to love myself for the first time in a long time; it feels really nice, and I’m proud of myself,” she said.

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