Capturing the Killer Nurse: Where is Charles Cullen Now? Is He Still Alive?

Where is Charles Cullen now

Where is Charles Cullen Now? Is Charles Edmund Cullen Still Alive? – Netflix original movie titled “Capturing the Killer Nurse” will be directed by Tim Travers Hawkins, who has been nominated for an Emmy. Hawkins and Robin Ockleford also co-wrote the script. The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber served as its inspiration.

The film is about infamous serial killer Charles Cullen, who was convicted of his crimes. It explains how detectives were able to show Charles Cullen was murdering victims while he was employed at numerous hospitals in the Northeast. It includes audio of Cullen speaking as well as conversations with the investigators who solved the case, writer Charles Graeber, nurse Amy Loughren, and relatives of the murdered people.

During his 16-year medical career, Cullen, often known as the “Angel of Death,” killed a number of victims. Cullen has admitted to killing up to 40 patients, even though only 29 killings have been proven to have occurred. According to law enforcement sources, there may have been 400 people. He executed individuals by injecting them with fatal medications, including epinephrine, digoxin, and insulin.

While employed at Sumerset Medical Center, Cullen became good friends with a nurse named Amy Loughren, and his friendship with her ultimately resulted in his imprisonment. Loughren carried a microphone during a conversation that resulted in Cullen’s arrest in 2003 and informed police about his drug access history.

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Where is Serial Killer Charles Cullen now

Where is Charles Cullen Today?

Cullen was taken into custody in a New Jersey restaurant on December 12, 2003. Two days after his arrest, the “angel of death” admitted to his wrongdoing and entered a plea of guilty to killing 12 to 25 patients by administering deadly doses of medications, including digoxin and insulin. As a condition of his confession, Cullen consented to assist the police in avoiding the death penalty.

The nurse even acknowledged being in charge of 30 or 40 fatalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In 2005, he finally entered a guilty plea to 29 murder counts and six attempted murder charges. For all of the murders, Cullen received 11 to 18 consecutive life terms in prison in 2006.

Cullen wanted to “rescue” the patients from “suffering,” so he killed them. But several of his patients were already on the road to full recovery when he gave them the deadly medications. In 2022, Cullen will be 62 years old and incarcerated at Trenton Maximum Security Prison in New Jersey. Netflix was inspired to produce numerous interpretations of Cullen’s crimes as a result of his horrifying story, not just one.

The new documentary “Capturing The Killer Nurse” is a direct adaptation of Charles Graeber’s nonfiction book, “The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder.” In contrast, the streaming service’s film “The Good Nurse” chronicles Loughren’s journey as she tries to bring Cullen to justice. Although they are separate books, “The Good Nurse” and “Capturing the Killer Nurse” work well as companion pieces.

You can watch the “Capturing the Killer Nurse” on Netflix.

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