Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 2 Release Date, Photos, Promo & Spoiler

Chicago Fire - Season 10
CHICAGO FIRE -- "Headcount" Episode 1002 -- Pictured: (l-r) Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo, Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey -- (Photo by: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC)

The team is retrieved from the sea in the season premiere of ‘Chicago Fire,’ with Casey and Severide leading the rescue attempt.

Things do not appear to be looking up for Cruz, who is expecting a child, but the fact that he has survived the catastrophe is a huge relief for both him and Chloe.

Boden is promoted, but Stella is dissatisfied. You can jump right into the recap to see how the events of the first episode develop.

Now, we’re here to tell you all we know about the second episode of season 10 of “Chicago Fire”!

Release Date for Season 10 Episode 2 of Chicago Fire

The second episode of season 10 of ‘Chicago Fire’ will air on NBC on September 29, 2021, at 9 p.m. ET.

The programmes, which air every Wednesday, last roughly 42 minutes apiece.

Chicago Fire Episode 10×02 Press Release




09/29/2021 (09:00PM – 10:00PM) (Wednesday) : A video of Casey from the roof rescue goes viral. Mouch sets up a Little Free Library at Firehouse 51. Herrmann breaks protocol.


Chicago Fire Episode 10.02 Promo

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 10×02 Promotional Photos

Spoilers for Season 10 Episode 2 of Chicago Fire

The second episode, dubbed “Head Count,” will pick up immediately after Casey’s daring roof rescue swing, which sparked a media frenzy.

While it was just another day at work for Casey, it was undoubtedly more for the public, who were treated to a video of him performing his duties from above the roof.

Meanwhile, Mouch plans to build a Little Free Library at Firehouse 51, while Herrmann may face disciplinary action for disobeying the rules.

Recap of Season 10 Episode 1 of Chicago Fire

The gang needs to be hauled out of the sinking boat with an explosion organised by Severide MacGyver in the season 10 premiere, titled “Mayday,” while Casey prepares to rescue them in a boat.

Cruz has breathing problems as the survivors arrive, but he makes it home safely. He, on the other hand, is unable to cope with the stress brought on by the forces that control his existence.

He has to prepare for the baby shower while still being available to Chloe.

Cruz is even more upset after discovering how Severide risked his own life to save him. Boden gets promoted to the deputy district chief, but Stella is not pleased with his impending departure from the firehouse.

Boden seeks to move his district headquarters to 51, but his demand is not granted. Stella uses the baby shower as an opportunity to apologise to Boden for her opposition to his transfer.

Casey and Brett’s secret relationship becomes a topic of conversation among the crew, and they all admit to knowing about it.

Gallo, Violet, and Ritter, on the other hand, debate the many options for their side hustle until they land on the notion of founding a microbrewery.

Severide’s mother informs him that his forefathers have all failed in marriage, which depresses him. Finally, Casey assists with a roof-related assignment.

Where can I watch Season 10 Episode 2 of Chicago Fire online?

Tune in to NBC at the time and date listed above to see the second episode of season 10 of ‘Chicago Fire.’

You can also watch it on the NBC app and on the official website of NBC.

Tthe episode will also be accessible on Sling TV, DirecTV, Xfinity, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV.

The episode will be available on Hulu+Live TV and Peacock a day later, on September 23, 2021.

The episodes are also available on iTunesMicrosoft Store, Amazon Prime Video, SpectrumVudu,  and Google Play for purchase or rental.