‘Choose or Die’ (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

Choose or Die (2022) Movie Review and Ending Explained

‘Choose or Die’ (2022) Movie Review – Given how much it looks algorithmically tailored for Netflix’s notoriously formula-obsessed platform, it’s remarkable that the ridiculous but fairly passable horror Choose or Die was an acquisition rather than a homegrown Netflix original. Because of the success of Sex Education, it stars Asa Butterfield, who has become an in-house star. It’s set in the present day but infused with 80s nostalgia, which also inspired the look of the aforementioned comedy series as well as the full run of Netflix’s long-running smash Stranger Things. It also revolves around a cursed video game, making it a near relative of the streamer’s interactive Black Mirror blockbuster Bandersnatch. It’s a film that will spend its days in the “if you like” category.

Air Date: 15 April 2022
Director: Toby Meakins
Distributed by: Netflix
Writers: Simon AllenToby MeakinsMatthew James Wilkinson
Production design: Anna Papa
Stars: Iola EvansAsa ButterfieldRobert Englund

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Choose or Die,’ directed by Toby Meakins, is a horror film about Kayla, a college dropout who discovers a seemingly harmless retro computer game called ‘CURS>R.’ Kayla is enticed by the big prize money up for grabs if she can complete the game. Kayla, on the other hand, is dragged into a sequence of horrific events as soon as she begins playing the game.

Kayla soon finds herself fighting for her life as she tries to save herself from the game’s creator’s cruel ploy. Viewers must naturally be curious to learn more about Kayla’s fate as well as the truth behind the frightening game and its prize. For those who are intrigued about the ending of ‘Choose or Die,’ here are all the solutions.

Choose or Die (2022) Movie Review

‘Choose or Die’ (2022) Movie Plot Synopsis

In the beginning of ‘Choose or Die,’ an abusive man is seen playing a bizarre video game called ‘CURS>R.‘ However, as he continues to play the game, his family suffers. Years later, Kayla, a little girl, works as a window cleaner for Kismet, a corporation that doesn’t exist or employs anyone. She is having financial difficulties as her mother becomes ill following the unintentional death of her younger brother, Ricky.

Kayla is a gifted programmer and computer engineer. She spends her free time with Isaac, a young programmer who is now working on his own video game. Kayla finds a copy of ‘CURS>R’ at Isaac’s house and recognises the $125,000 grand prize for completing the game. Kayla decides to play the game in order to raise money to move her mother to a better location and care for her.

She starts playing it in a cafe, but she becomes horrified when the game takes control of her surroundings. She is forced to choose between two options, and her decisions result in the death of the waitress. Isaac is sceptical of Kayla’s assertions when she tries to tell him the truth about the game. Later that night, when Kayla is at work, the game progresses to level 2 and puts Kayla’s mother in jeopardy.

Kayla saves her mother, but only just, as she is severely injured and is rushed to the hospital. Isaac trusts Kayla after doing some research, and the two talk about the game. While attempting to save Isaac, they play the third level together, and Kayla is forced to confront her brother’s death. Isaac resolves to assist Kayla in escaping the game after witnessing the horrors firsthand. The couple chooses to discover a means to end the game, and whether or not they succeed is the remainder of the story.

Choose or Die (2022) Movie Review and Ending

Does Kayla Win in the ‘Choose or Die’ Ending? What Is the Prize at the End?

Following the completion of the third level, Isaac and Kayla travel to a distant warehouse in the hopes of finding a solution to end the game. The duo learns about the game’s founder, Beck, and how he utilised the cursed symbols to make the game at the warehouse. As Isaac searches for the command prompt to terminate the game, he becomes cursed for attempting to “cheat” the game.

The fourth level of the game is activated, and Isaac begins to vomit videotape and becomes stuck. To save Isaac, Kayla must choose between rewinding and fast-forwarding. She opts for the latter, which results in Isaac’s death. For the fifth and final level, the game takes Kayla to a rural house.

Kayla meets Hal, the man who produced copies of ‘CURS>R’ to safeguard his family, at the residence. The game’s last boss is Hal, who Kayla must defeat in the final level. They rapidly realise they are controlling each other’s cursors. As a result, they can only harm each other by injuring themselves. Kayla drowns herself in the end, resulting in Hal’s death. As a result, Kayla succeeds in winning the game.

Kayla eventually wins the game, but her gift is far more valuable than money. She gains access to the game’s code, which grants her access to the cursed symbols. She then kills Lance, the man who is tormenting her mother, using the game’s programming. Finally, Kayla receives a call from Beck, the game’s developer, who suggests they collaborate.

Kayla finishes the game and discovers the cursed symbols’ power towards the end of the movie. Kayla now has access to the symbols that are embedded in the game’s code. As a result, despite her best efforts to get out of the game, Kayla eventually becomes an integral component of ‘CURS>R.’ Kayla, on the other hand, will profit off the agony of others this time.

As a result, she utilises the game to harm only those who deserve it. Beck was also looking for a capable partner to assist him in his secret mission, according to the epilogue. Kayla proves her value by beating the game and discovering the truth about the cursed symbols, and Beck offers her a chance to collaborate.

Choose or Die (2022) Movie Explained

Who Is Controlling the Game in ‘Choose or Die’ Movie?

The reality behind ‘CURS>R’ is revealed in the film’s last act. When Isaac and Kayla get to the warehouse, they discover an old videotape that explains how the game was made. In the tape, viewers watch Beck, the game’s creator, experimenting on an unknown subject. Beck adds that he deduced the meaning of the cursed symbols and transformed them into an 8-bit software, allowing him to use the game to control individuals and their environment.

The players in the game are known as the “cursed,” and Beck reaps the advantages of their suffering. As a result, it’s clear that Beck was tugging the strings all along. Furthermore, viewers realise in the last scenes that Beck is the mastermind behind the dubious Kismet organisation, which employs Kayla.

As a result, it’s safe to assume Beck had been scouting Kayla for some time. Beck’s manipulation eventually brings Kayla into the game, implying that he went to considerable pains to find someone worthy of controlling the cursed symbols. In his final conversation with Kayla, he reveals that the two will control ‘CURS>R‘ in the future.

‘Choose or Die’ (2022) is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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