City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Gods and Monsters’ Recap and Ending, Explained

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 Recap
Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr in CITY ON A HILL, “Gods and Monsters”. Photo Credit: Francisco Roman/SHOWTIME.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained – In season three of “City on a Hill”, Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge are once more policing the streets of Boston. With its new episodes following the events of season 2, the crime-thriller about government corruption that airs on Showtime in the US is bound to travel to some intriguing places.

The season premiere of “City on a Hill” featured a dishonest Assistant District Attorney and a corrupt FBI agent doing their part to clean up the seedy streets of 1990s Boston. The mood was established by Sam Fender’s Play God. They were gods, for sure, and while the theme of Fender’s album Seven Going Under was about overcoming hardship and emerging unhurt, director Michael Cuesta sent two gods to Boston to carry out what the songs implied.

Sinclair Dryden (Corbin Bernsen), a powerful and wealthy adversary, debuts in season 3. His debut scene effectively establishes his repugnance and foreshadows yet another potential clash between Jackie and Ward. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “City on a Hill” season 3 episode 1.

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City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 Recap and Ending

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 ‘Gods and Monsters’ Recap

The Boston of “City on a Hill” is set in the 1990s, embracing both the positive and negative facets of a tale that takes place just before the advent of the internet. The “Pax Bostonia” season 2 finale had a lot of tension. Kelvin and Maeve were among the characters who were murdered off, and Cathy lost her temper with Boston and appeared to have departed Beantown for good with her kids.

Siobhan (Lauren E. Banks) left her prestigious position at the private law company to work for the ACLU because she was still distraught over losing her pregnant child. After acknowledging that he knew Kelvin would be murdered in prison but still participated in the latter’s detention, Ward came to terms with the fact that he was a murderer. After learning he might lose his job, Jackie quit the FBI and dumped his badge into Boston Harbor.

Jackie starts working as the chief of security for Sinclair Dryden, the previous regional director of the bureau in Boston, in the season 3 premiere, titled “Gods and Monsters.” In his opening scene, Sinclair rapes Dominique (Evelyn Giovine), a drunk and unconscious female who is later revealed to be his daughter’s friend. Letitia, his wife, knows exactly what he did to the girl (Joanne Kelly). Meanwhile, after a worker suffers serious injuries in an accident at the Big Dig construction site, Siobhan is ready to file a lawsuit against the project.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1 ending explained

In the second season finale, Jenny (Jill Hennessy) goes to see her sexually abusive father against her husband’s advice. She makes an effort to cope with the reality that he won’t see her. Jenny starts working as a volunteer at the Nichols Center, which supports same-sex and reproductive rights while helping AIDS patients. Of all people, she meets Father Doyle there, who informs her that he is now taking a break from the church. Who can blame Doyle for reevaluating his religion in light of his recent encounter with Jackie?

At the district attorney’s office, Guy Dan declares his candidacy for Massachusetts attorney general. He informs Ward that he and hotshot Chicago attorney Blair Chavez are among his possible choices to succeed Ward. Even though Ward hates his boss, he is aware that if he intends to alter the justice system significantly, he must seize this chance.

However, his life becomes much more difficult when he finds out that his father (Ernie Hudson) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then, during a gunfight with a criminal, Russ Wallace is shot dead by fellow police because he testified against Tony Suferin.

Is Dominique Dead in Season 3 of City on a Hill?

The show “City on a Hill” is not above utilising shock to draw viewers. The authors move on to link Sinclair to Jackie after establishing the kind of man he is in that first scene, thereby establishing the main point of contention between Jackie and Ward this season. Sinclair is not just a former FBI Boston office director; he also comes from a wealthy family that formerly owned a sizable property in the city’s early years.

Sinclair is still a very influential man in the city, even though he doesn’t have as much territory under his control today. The fact that he treats Dominique the way he does most likely results from his sense of entitlement, a trait common to persons with an absurd amount of money.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 1

Dominique commits suicide after discovering Sinclair has sexually assaulted her. She calls Victoria, Sinclair’s daughter and her best friend, and somehow begs for forgiveness. This scene breaks my heart so much. Victoria rushes to address her father because she knows him well. Jackie was present and appeared to be aware of what had happened. But he performs precisely as instructed by Letitia and leaves.

Jackie appears to be wholly irredeemable numerous times throughout the series, but we know that he also has a line in the sand. He may therefore have a decision to make in the upcoming episodes. Sinclair has essentially purchased his silence by paying him an astronomical sum of money for what seemed to be a straightforward task. As it turns out, Jackie’s duties as the security chief involve hiding the Drydens’ transgressions.

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