Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release Date, Plot And Cast Details

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Release Date

The dismal and gritty young adult spooky series ‘Cracow Monsters‘ (‘Krakowskie potwory‘) was created by Kasia Adamik and Olga Chajdas. The plot follows a monster-infested underworld beneath Cracow’s modern city.

While the enigma of Alex sits at the centre of the storey, a professor and his supernaturally gifted team of nine pupils attempt to understand the paranormal secrets. Alex drowns her misery in partying, sex, drugs, and alcohol after losing her mother in a horrible accident when she was a child.

Alex’s life, however, takes a new turn after he is discovered by the professor. Alex must speak with her mother in the ethereal realm and piece together the riddle as a demon named Hvor unleashes horror in the modern metropolis.

The Polish-produced series drew a lot of attention once it premiered on Netflix, thanks to its grounded mythology-infused storytelling, nuanced characters, and enthralling ambiance. Following the cliffhanger finale of the first season, you’re probably wondering if there will be a sequel.

If the concept has occurred to you, let us delve deeper to see if a second round is possible!

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Cracow Monsters Season 2 Plot

Release Date for Season 2 of Cracow Monsters

Season 1 of ‘Cracow Monsters’ aired on Netflix in its entirety on March 18, 2022. The first season contains eight episodes, each of which lasts 49-55 minutes.

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming sophomore campaign. Considering how the first season’s finale leaves storey lines dangling, a second season may be in the works, despite the lack of an official announcement.

Netflix normally investigates the comprehensive viewing data over a period of several months. It evaluates whether or not it makes sense to greenlight a show for a new edition based on this information. If the show is renewed by June 2022, the second season of ‘Cracow Monsters’ will premiere in the first quarter of 2023 or later.

Cracow Monsters Season 2

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Expected Cast Star

If a second season is greenlit, almost the whole central cast should be back on board.

  • Andrzej Chyra (Professor Zawadzki),
  • Barbara Liberek (Alex),
  • Anna Paliga (Iliana),
  • Kaja Chan (Hania),
  • Stanislaw Cywka (Birdy)
  • Maja Chan (Basia),
  • Stanislaw Linowski (Lucky),
  • Mateusz Górski (Antoni),
  • Daniel Namiotko (Gigi),
  • Malgorzata Bela (Aitwar).

In addition, there’s a chance we’ll see some new faces in a possible season 2, but it’s too early to anticipate.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Cast Details

What is the Plot of Cracow Monsters Season 2?

The first season’s end reveals a battle between kingdoms. After learning that she is a reincarnation of Wanda, Alex rushes to stop the shift to another age. The final day of Veles’ reign is marked by a red moon.

The red moon is predicted by Alex’s grandmother, who appears in the dorm to warn Alex and others. The others have already been taken aback by Lucky’s apparent demise.

If the team recreates the act of drowning, Alex believes she will be able to connect with Wanda. The professor, pressed against a wall, puts Alex’s life in jeopardy by transporting her to Hvor.

Alex beats Hvor, fulfilling her mother’s prophecy, and the professor saves his son in a struggle. Alex’s guardian deity pays a visit to Lucky, who appears to be alive, in the last moments of Season 1.

If there is a second season, it may pick up after the destruction of Hvor. In the end, a deity appears in front of Alex, telling her that interfering in celestial affairs comes at a high price. Hvor may be malevolent, but he is still a deity, and killing him has consequences.

With the appearance of another horrible behemoth from Slavic Mythology, a prospective season 2 may lead Alex even farther down the rabbit hole. We may also learn how Lucky resurrects after appearing to be dead in the seventh episode of the first season.

Furthermore, the dorm students will engage in further supernatural hijinks. Hania, Basia, and their in-house band may even perform another song. There will, without a doubt, be a more mythological allure to keep genre fans interested.