The Girl from Plainville: Did Michelle Carter Have an Eating Disorder?

the girl from plainville based on true story

Conrad Roy III’s tragic life and the events preceding his death are told in ‘The Girl from Plainville.’ The Hulu drama is based on the well-known “texting-suicide” case and explores Conrad’s connection with Michelle Carter, who was his girlfriend at the time of his death. Michelle’s role in the catastrophe is being scrutinised more and more, and her own mental health issues are being discussed.

The show also gives some suggestions regarding Michelle’s personal troubles, one of which appears to be an eating disorder. We decided to find out if Michelle Carter had an eating disorder because ‘The Girl from Plainville‘ is based on true events but is partly fictionalised. Here’s what we discovered.

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Is The Girl from Plainville Based on a True

Michelle Carter: Did She Suffer From An Eating Disorder?

Michelle Carter is frequently seen on the show devouring bags of chips or bits of candy at a breakneck pace, especially while she’s on the computer monitoring her friends’ social media or contacting Conrad. At first, the habit doesn’t seem out of place, but as she starts hiding the wrappers of the food she’s eating, her binge eating takes on a more sinister tone.

She also becomes increasingly preoccupied with running, increasing the speed on her treadmill to potentially dangerous levels. Michelle admits to Conrad in episode 5 that she has issues with her body image.

Michelle truly confided to Conrad that her liver was in bad shape because of her eating habit, according to the Esquire piece on which the show is based. This was ostensibly in response to Conrad’s message informing her of the gastrointestinal effects of ingesting a whole bottle of Tylenol.

Evan Andrews, Michelle’s friend, also revealed that she suffered with anxiety and an eating condition. She reportedly lost so much weight her freshman year that she had to leave the softball team.

Samantha Boardman, a former high school classmate and close friend of Michelle’s, was another person with whom she used to talk a lot. Through text conversations with Samantha, the former discussed her eating issues as well as how difficult it was for her to establish friends. Michelle later sent Samantha the now-famous text messages alleging she could have saved Conrad and that she (Michelle) told him to get back into the car.

Dr. Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist, appointed by the defence, mentioned Michelle’s issues with an eating disorder and how the medication she used for it may have had serious negative effects during her following trial. He said that Michelle’s antidepressant Celexa, which she began taking as part of her eating disorder treatment, had an “intoxicating” impact on her, causing her to become hypomanic and delusional on occasion.

As a result, it appears that Michelle struggled with an eating disorder at one point in her life, which had a significant impact on many aspects of her life. Despite the fact that the show is fictionalised, it appears that the references to her anxiety and eating issue are, at least in part, real.

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