Faina “Fay” Zonis Murder Case: How Did Paul Eduardovich Goldman Die?

Faina “Fay” Zonis Murder

Faina “Fay” Zonis Murder Case: How Did Paul Eduardovich Goldman Die? – Faina “Fay” Zonis’ family was concerned one evening in December 2003 when they were unable to contact her. When she was discovered brutally slain at her place of employment, their worst nightmare came true.

The investigation in “Homicide City: A Russian Tragedy” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the trail of deaths that followed Fay’s passing. Let’s investigate what occurred, shall we?

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Who was Faina “Fay” Zonis’ and How Did She Die?

Fay Zonis and her family had immigrated to the United States from Moldova in search of a better life. The 42-year-old has two sons and was married. Fay was a mortgage processor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the time of the incident. At the time, the adored mother was well-known and respected in the neighborhood. According to the show, on the day of her death, Fay was scheduled to see her father at a hospital.

Fay’s family was unable to contact her, though. So, on December 29, 2003, they went to the office and checked on her at about 8:40 p.m. She was discovered face up in the office while Fay’s van was parked outside. She suffered many stab wounds to her neck, chest, and face.

In addition, Fay’s teeth were knocked out, and her head was repeatedly slammed onto the ground. Many people at the time were startled by the crime’s savagery.

Who Killed Faina “Fay” Zonis and Why?

When the police discovered Fay’s pocketbook and phone in the van, they disregarded robbery as a possible motive. According to the show, Fay and her colleague left the office together at about 6 o’clock, although it appeared that she arrived back later. Then, phone records revealed that Fay had spoken to a single person at least 15 times roughly seven hours before the murder.

Paul Eduardovich Goldman was identified by the number. Fay and her husband had a close friendship with Paul and his wife, Irina Sapiro, who lived in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Paul and Fay first met when he attended one of her computer classes a few years ago. The investigation later turned up evidence that the two had started dating at some time. Paul and Irina were originally questioned in accordance with the show, and their accounts appeared to match.

At the time of Fay’s murder, both men claimed to have gone shopping in New Jersey. However, the episode claimed that surveillance footage from the shops showed Irina alone herself with no indication of Paul. He also had significant cuts on his hand, which he claimed were the result of a mishap while he was cutting wood. After the initial interrogation, the authorities were unable to contact Paul for a few days. Irina admitted what had transpired once they had a conversation with her.

Prior to saying that Paul had admitted to killing Fay, Irina first said he was gone on business. Irina continued by saying that on January 7, 2004, she took Paul and his father to the John F. Kennedy airport in New York. The two then took a flight to Europe. Paul’s father then gave him a backpack full of cash before leaving for the US. Police were directed to Grenoble, France, by a postcard discovered at the Goldmans’ Mount Laurel home.

Paul Eduardovich Goldman’s Cause of Death

The police were informed by Paul’s parents that they had assisted Paul in leaving the country. However, the parents murdered themselves on January 13, 2004, by cutting their wrists. They mentioned Paul’s actions caused them to take dramatic measures in a letter they gave to Irina. He was captured on January 20, 2004, in France. Paul, however, committed suicide two days after the nation authorised his extradition to the US.

The 39-year-old used a bedsheet to hang himself on April 11, 2004, in a French cell in Grenoble from a drainage pipe. Although he was under suicide watch at the time, Paul wasn’t constantly being watched, according to the French authorities. Instead, Paul’s cellmate was exercising outside when the incident occurred. Irina pled guilty to preventing Paul’s arrest, the show claims, and was sentenced to 6 to 11 and a half months in jail.

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